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NorthWest Arkansas Community College

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Northwest Arkansas Community College has given me a sense of belonging to an institution. The teachers are not just here to teach their subject but do show careness in how each student performs educationally to their best abilities. In addition, the campus environment is very friendly and diverse as it allows students of many backgrounds to become friends and collegues. This institution has the potential of growing into one of the top two year colleges in the surrounding tri-state area. I'm proud to be part of this institution.

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As I already said, it's an excellent two-year college that has a great nursing program, there are around 15,000 students which is a much higher number than many other two-year schools, and that number is constantly growing. I've noticed that a lot of the students here are returning/non-traditional students, which I personally think is a good thing -- more people that might not have had the time or a chance to go are taking that chance. The professors are great too, very involved and they really like to get to know their students.

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The location of NWACC is what makes me like it as much as I do. It's local and it feels local.

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