NorthWest Arkansas Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend NorthWest Arkansas Community College?


You should attend this school if you are wanting to stay close to home, did not get financial aid, and are not wanting to be 40,000 in debt. This school is pretty inexpensive and that was great for me. This is also a great starter school for anybody who is afraid that college is not for them, or anybody who is not sure what they want to major in. You can take some random classes for a lot cheaper than you could anywhere else.


Those that are on a tight budget, and looking for smaller class sizes for more one on one time.


This school is great for anyone, whether you're a new highschool graduate, single parent, currently employed or even senior citizens. Anyone who is looking to advance their education and better themselves should consider NWACC.


The type of person that would attend Northwest Arkansas Community College would be a person that has the desire and drive to learn. Students will be offered the chance to better their financial future though quality education and supportive teachers.


I recommend anyone that went to a smaller high school to attend NWACC if they aren't looking for a huge population change. Smaller high schools have smaller classes, just like this school offers. The student wouldn't have to make major adaptations.


NorthWest Arkansas Community College is a good school for those incoming students or present students. For those who do not know what field to go into or for those who would like to get their Associate degree first and then their Bachelors. But maybe most students attend this school or any other communtiy colleges is because they changed their major, which this is my reason why I transfered to this community college from a University.


Any type of person should attend this school. Especially someone who is dedicated to bettering their mind and lifestyle.


Northwest Arkansas Community College is an excellent two-year college. It's great for undergraduate studies, and has a very good nursing program. The kind of person that should attend this school is one who is not quite decided on what they want to do yet, but still wants to continue their education, possibly by transferring to a 4-year school such as I am doing.