NorthWest Arkansas Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I have found that the most frustrating thing is that my school hardly gives you much options to pay your bill balance; if you do not pay by a certain date you are dropped. I understand this is necessary yet they should allow a review of special circumstances and perhaps extend the date.




Having this semester being my first time going to a Community College, it is a big transition and one of the most frustrating thing about this school would be how unprepared this school was when I first came in. For instance, the Financial Aid Office needed my transcript from my old University so that they could approve of my Federal Pell Grant. I sent them my transcript a month earlier before school started and they have not checked my transcript for my financial aid to go through. This has been very frustating but I have been patient towards this.


The most frustrating thing about my school is at the peak of enrollment they will have only one person working the windows at each of the stations when the lines are backed up and they know its gonna be busy.


The most frustrating thing about NorthWest Arkansas Community College is that the number of enrolled students is climbing every semester. Sometimes it seems like the school is crowded. It is very difficult to find a parking space and the school even has a five story parking garage. Many times every parking spot in the parking garage is filled. I remember one report saying that the number of enrolled students had grown by 1000 students in one semester. Thus, the most frustrating thing about NWACC is how fast the college is growing, and that the college can't keep up.