Northwest Christian University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Learn to develop a carefree attitude. That will hold you back from so many things. If you get to a point where you can be carefree, everything seems to fit perfectly in place. You are able to balance the things that get thrown upon you in life with school, work and running, all without being stressed out. At the same time, you will no longer be afraid to try new things and make new friends. Remember that you don't finish in high school, you finish when you graduate college. Also never ever be afraid to ask for help when you need it. There is always someone there to help you through it all. That it all you need to be successful, money is not the ultimate goal. Enjoy yourself and those around you. Good luck.


Going back in time to when I was in high school would be going back sixteen years. Advice, about college life, would be the beginning of many things I would give myself advice about. I do not have any experience with college life on a campus. I just started college, on line, one month ago. I have learned that online schooling has advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages of online school is that a student has the flexibility to complete school work according to his or her schedule. This may be important if a student has a family, carreer or lives far away from the campus. One of the disadvantages of online school is the lack of interaction in the classroom which tends to be very helpful for a student's ability to learn. Whether online school is best for a student, or not, all depends on the student. If I could go back in time I would have first, told myself, to start college right away instead of waiting sixteen years. Then I would have told myself that online schooling would be more expensive, but offer me flexibility to work and pay for school.


One thing I would tell my senior self is that college is going to be a one of a kind experience but with that said, there will definitely be some difficulties. That's ok though. Difficulties help shape who you become so don't fret when they arrive. Also, go with the flow and be a little more involved with your school and your community. There are also very many fast runners in Cross Country and Track. This will be nothing like high school running. So start training as soon as you can and push yourself even further than you originally would. Another big thing is to get a planner. There are so many things you are going to have to juggle such as sports, school, work, homework and projects so you need to make sure you have adequate time to do each one. You will thank me later. And finally, don't break your habit of going to Church consistently. College life can get rough and you will need to lean on God more than you ever have before.


To begin, I would incourage myself to graduate. I would explain the fact that Higher Education requires the ability to follow through with plans, and to set goals with definate ends. The truth is that for College to be successful, I need a plan for working after college. Relationships that are made all throught my education is critical to being productive. Stick with it Nicholas, and work hard; do not give up!


If I were to speak to eighteen year old Patty within me I would give her one immense piece of advice: avoid procrastination as much as possible. Avoiding procrastination is simple; chip away at the project little by little. By doing this Patty can avoid many stresses. For one, one could avoid having to stay up for 24 hours straight the day before the project is due. Avoiding this marathon of homework would help to keep my body well rested and, thus, keep my immune system strong and readily able to fight infections; all it does is take one night to send a healthy body out of whack. Secondly, chipping away at the project would help the overall broad scheme of the project. Eighteen year old Patty may think it is easier to sit and put up a marathon of homework but it definitely isn’t. Taking the time to sit and think lets every thought be processed. Lastly, and most importantly, not procrastinating saves you the pain of staying up with one’s peers. This way one avoids the griping and complaining of everyone else and can just carry one with their worry free lifestyle.


Get organised, dont panic over the work load and relax and make friends.


Knowing all the hardship I've gone thought to just be here in this state, this has been the best growing experience for me in my life thus far. I'll prepare my past self not in what issues are going to come up, money problem, classes, dramm, working, and so all the other crap but to always kept in mind that it will be all worth it in the end. In life we cant look forward and understand how things work out, its when we turn around and see how the small/big things impacted our way of thinking to make us the people who we are today. That is what I've gained with going to school here. Along with my dregee ,that's great to have, I have also gained a work ethic that I know I developed from dealing with all the stuff I have put up with in my whole life, involving college.


Attending a two-year college would not be the first choice for many, especially me, it was a very enlightening experience. It provided me with the insight that college was not about the partying but about the education. Originally I attended a 4-year university . I attended school for about a semester until my fathers business fell apart with the economy and he was no longer able to pay for my tuition. Since then I have been paying to attend a local community college and although the tuition is much lower then a 4-year school I have been working a variety of part-time and full-time jobs just to cover the costs. I feel that education is the most important thing for a person and feel that the experience of having to pay for college on my own is experience almost as valuable as a college education. Now that I am furthering my eduaction at a 4-year university I am finding it difficult to afford the cost of tuition with no assistance, but I am glad that I have had the experience of paying for my two-year degree and have learned the value of education.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience. First of all my education will help me provide the life my daughter deserves. It has already helped me get promoted at my current job and I have recieved so many more interviews based on changing that one little line on my application to Graduated. Recieving my Bachelors is just one more step on my ladder. I am moving forward in my education to get my Masters. I learned a lot during my bachelors program that helped prepare me to go forward. I am greatful to have had such wonderful professors and friends to get me this far. I made so many wonderful friends in college. These are people that I still keep in touch with and will be a part of my life forever. Without eachothers support none of us would have done so well.


Knowing what I know now I would advise myself to go to the University I currently attend. The reason would be because I would not be waisting all that time and money on a college that was not accredited appropriatly to become a highly qualified teacher. Though there may have been many life lessons learned in the way I did things, I fully believe that I would have still learned them somehow. It is most frustrating that it seems that a ton of money was wasted on an education and bachelors degree that the State will not even recognize. I am now on the right track in attending the University I am at currently, and that being said, I would have to advise myself to continue on with my goals, go to the college, but continue on don't stop, move forward to the university for the necessary courses to be certified with the State to teach, you will not regret ever doing that.


I know you are stong minded and will make you own descisions, but make sure you are positive about what you want to do. If you are not 100% sure, try going to a community college or a university that provides classes that are closer in size to those you are use to in High School. Going to a large university, you just become one of many in a class room so make yourself known to the professors. Attend all of your classes, go to office hours, and ask questions. Remember, the only bad question is the one not asked. stay focused and real friends will not recommend activites that can cause you harm.


i would still come, the school has gotten me mad a few times but nothing in life is right. I've made so many friends and grown so much in this past year in a hafe more then i fell i could have anywher else because of the hardships. Also being so far from home i really knew i needed this time to see how i can take being on my own.