Northwest Florida State College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


NWFSC is probably best known for its beautiful location on the panhandle, although I doubt it is well- known since it is so small.


My school is best known for its dental and nursing programs.


Associate dgrees at an affordable price, flexibility, and it's military population.


Its accessibility on all levels. The teachers are accessible as they gladly meet with students one-on-one. Each teacher has enthusiasm for their subject and makes efforts to present it in an understandable way. There are a variety of free student services available: a math tutoring lab with tutors who are very relatable, a general tutoring lab, computer labs, career center giving guidance in identifying the right career, and a Women?s Resource Center which in part, locates resources for low-income women to re-enter school. The school is accessible financially, charging the lowest tuition in the state.


Academics. I always hear that our school is the toughest!


My school is known for its flexibility. The school is able to accomodate to the student's schedule, therefore aiding the students to do well. Students to do not have to worry if he or she has a fixed job or family issues that may conflict with school.


Okaloosa Walton College is known for low admissions. My college doesn't charge extras for fraternities, sororities, clubs such as Student Government and Brain Bowl. Students have to work for the money for their own stuff. For example: I'm an active member in my Student Government Association. We constantly set up community service and charity events to help pay for necessities such as name tags, club shirts, trip funds, etc. I love how laid back and easy going my college is. I love it and I woudn't change anything about it.


Northwest Florida State College is best known for a few things. They have amazing art programs, from theator to music. They also are known for their flexible sheduling and their new bachelors programs.


A stepping stone.


teaching program