Northwest Florida State College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to Okaloosa-Walton College, I wished that I was more prepared in becoming a collge student. I was working thirty three hours a week in my job and though that I would do fine as a full time student. I was not prepared to juggle both of my school and my work. I was also hanged with my highschool way of studying and tought college would be the same. I procastinated with my studying and keeping up with homeworks. I wish that I would have thought differently between college and highschool.


I wish I had known that my funding for Bright Futures was going to be cut so I could have perhaps applied for more scholarships through the school to receive funding. I also wish I had known more about the teaching program before I attended the school.


I don't wish I had known anything else. Everything I wanted/needed to know was made openly available before I even enrolled in classes there.


I moved away from Niceville when i graduated, where the college is located. I wish somehow now i could of seen a way to stay, but its not easy to live alone and go to school. Saving money and apllying more for loans, grants, scholarships, schools, sure would of been an upside if i was thinking about it. I just overlooked the fine details and when i realized its not going to be easy or cheap, i bit the bulet and went with it.


Since I am in the Science field of study, I wish I had more knowledge about basic science before I started here. It was tough to catch up.


I wish I would have known that going to a small college to start off not only saved me from getting loans, but the classes are more one on one and easier for me to succeed in.


I wish I had known where to go to find out about my school's activities. After joining Student Government I realized that there were many other clubs and organizations all over the college that I was unaware of. I would have been more active early on in my college experience than I am now.


I researched Northwest Florida State before I enrolled. I had done a campus walk through and talked to many of the instructors to make sure that I was going to be attending the college i needed to be at. I was not suprised to find out that the instructors were not simply putting on a show, but are actually that involved in their students education.


I wish I had known that some of my credits that I worked very hard to earn may not transfer to the college I want to go to, or really any other college at all. This is most likely because this school used to be a community college and only recently became an accredited 4-year state college. They don't offer my major, so I would have liked to know which classes I would get transfer credit for.


I wish I'd known more about the programs as well as other's viewpoints regarding the status of the college. When I first started, I saw it as a lesser college because of its nature, but now I realize that it provides real and affordable opportunities I would not otherwise have the chance to experience.