Northwest Florida State College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Small class size and well-educated teachers.


I love the freedom my campus gives me, in and out of the classrooms. It allows me to study where i want, relax where i want, the mall in the school is exceptional with the store full of supplies, the food center, and ample space to meet with friends, get online, or eat while i work.


The best thing about Northwest Florida State College is the atmosphere. I feel a part of something at this college. In the Cinema Appreciation class I took last semester, my instructor would always greet us with "Who's ready for some film fun?" to get us pumped for class that day. The teachers love what the teach and it creates that positive atmosphere that embodies what this college is all about. I enjoy going to my classes every day. Also, noting that Florida's literal atmosphere is sunny and warm, it makes the experience all the more wonderful.


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