Northwest Missouri State University Top Questions

Describe how Northwest Missouri State University looks to someone who's never seen it.


It is an excellent, mid-sized university in rural missouri.


Small community with lots of support all around you.


A dedicated and caring facility based on the desire to educate and shape minds for future success.


This school is a small school with big school spirit.


Northwest is a beautiful campus that offers many oppurtunities, both social and academic, that many bigger schools offer for a more affordable price, which allows students to come from over 200 hundred miles away and get a good college education.


Northwest Missouri State feels like a true home away from home.


Extremely high school spirit for our varsity teams, students and professor alike. learning environment is great. The professors love to help with anything that the students may ask.


The best school experience Icould of ever imagined.


Northwest is an ideal perfect little community :) .


Northwest has a small town feel that is comforting to those that attended smaller highschools where teachers knew your name and you were more then just a number as in some of the bigger school.