Northwest Missouri State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Always there is a friendly environment among all the students. We work collaboratively to obtain the best results.


This university has sub urban setup and you can enjoy the place here.Students are from varieties of culture and diversity.There are students from about 20 different countries and they share culture and tradition.Everyone is equally treated here despite of race,religion and origin.most students wear casual dress and they from middle class family.


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My classmates are very helpful and eager to help others.


It's a pretty laid back student body. Most of us are from Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. Most students are really involved from what I have seen. Northwest does a great job encouraging this and really allowing students to take the reins in organizations. These organizations and majors make up social groups. If you don't plan on leaving your dorm room I'm not sure this is the campus for you, but then again college probably isn't for you.


Bearcats for life.


I love all of my classmates here at Northwest. Because of the fairly small size here, it seems like we are all a family. Everyone was so friendly to me when I first arrived here in August. I will admit that I was homesick at first, but the friends that I have made here understood that, and they helped me through that. I have made some of the best friends that a guy could ever ask for.


My classmates here at Northwest are a little bit of evertything, from the farm boy to the city girl with quite a few foreign exchange students thrown in the mix.


My classmates are the kind of people that can take a joke as well as deal out a few pranks to keep everyone in a good mood.


My classmates are a mix which is good. from what I can see, many of them are emphasizing a little more on the academic side compared to others who are emphasizing more on the social side.


Most classmates are friendly; I knew a lot of them from high school.


Friendly and fun.


Everyone in your new classes is just as nervous on day 1, so being too passive is the only reason you wouldn't become friends or form a study group together.


Very talkative.


They are super Friendly, everyone talks to everyone, competitive with grades, projects etc, outgoing, opinionated.


My classmates in highschool were very dramatic and only focused on their social lives.


Student body consists of many groups, Frat guys, Sorority girls, bandmates, choir members, student government, smokers, partiers, etc etc. most students tend to stick to ppl with their majors or similar student groups, and don't move outside of those groups for the most part. The campus is mostly white and black students, not many hispanic or asian students. They have a large international student program as well.


My classmates, are full of school-spirit, academically focused, considerate, helpful, and interactive, however, there are a select few who prefer to party and socialize rather than attend class.


Regardless of differences, they are just like me.


Friendly and independent.


They are friendly.


My classmates are highly aware that paying attention in classes is important, helping others is common, and personal originality is expected.