Northwest Missouri State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for it's success rate among students. The graduates who have left Northwest Missouri State University have found a career if not right after graduation then no later than 6 months after. Northwest is known for it's many opportunities to help their students succeed. They hold mock interviews, plenty of career days, and they make sure you're on the right track for your major. They want to see nothing but you succeed long after you are a bearcat!


NWMSU is known for their education and recreation departments. I recieved an excellent education within the Corporate recreation program


Northwest Missour State Univeristy is best known for our athletics, especially our football team. We won multiple football championships in the past, and are looking forward to many more in the close future. Another thing Northwest is best known for is it's use of technology. One of the perks about attending here is you are given a laptop, so there are no concerns about having to go to the library or a class to get an assignment down. Also, classes and coursework are easily accesible because most teachers post their notes and homeowrk online.


Northwest MO State is best known for its outstanding football team, academics, and community service. In each of these areas, the students at my school excel. Our football team has three national championships, with the most recent being in 2009. Our academics offer plenty of majors and minors so that there is something for everyone. The students at my school constantly are giving back to the community through volunteer efforts. These three things, along with many other great things, make Northwest an excellent school.


Academics and their football program. This year we played in the National Championship and I was a proud alum knowing my school was recongnized at that level. I currently work in Kansas City and often hear others remark on the academic programs at NWMS also.


Its amazing football team, the beautiful campus, the education program, the textbook rental program, the free laptops and being the "Electronic Campus," and its great professors.


Well it is best known for our football team. Another thing that it is known for it that it is a really good Ag school and a good school for elementry education.


Football team and gorgeous campus


We are best known for our football team and our education programs.




small town hometown football games mainly a science and business college


Football team, and a very friendly atmosphere.


This school is best known for being an electronic campus as well as one of the best educational schools around. This campus provides any student with a laptop. Also, there is a lab school on campus. This is very beneficial for elementary education majors such as myself because we are involved in the classroom our very first year of school.


Football and the school of education