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Northwest is very environmentally friendly, they have recycling bins all over campus. They have a pond surrounded by benches made of ply wood and mainly tree branches. They give you a laptop that you keep all four years and can check it out for the summer and they include textbook fees in the tuition. They also have an elementary school on campus, so if you are going for an education degree you get a hands on experience and it is withink walking distance.


Everyone on this campus is friendly and it is small enough to enjoy but far enough away from home.


They have a really good communications department and have very small classes and is alot smaller campus so its more like a community then just a school that you go too.


It had a small town atmosphere, the people all seemed to care, and it was easy to walk and feel comfortable at.


When choosing Northwest I loved the town, the look and size of the campus, and all the activities available. I loved that Maryville is a small town where everyone supports the college, especially during football season. It's a beautiful campus, but not so big that you need to take a shuttle across it. The people are friendly on campus and in town. I can honestly say I've made friends here. There are many campus activities to get involved in. I'm currently involved in Navigators, Sigma Society, KON, and AAFCS.


Northwest is a small school that offers great opportunties to interact with students and teachers. The university loans textbooks and laptops to every student instead of making them purchase these items and this is very unique. Northwest Missouri State also has a great social life and because of that you can meet friends you will have for life. Northwest has a great business school with knowledgable teachers and also has one of the best education schools in the country. Northwest also has the best football team in Division 2, which is a unique way to entertain students on saturdays.


Northwest Missouri State is unique in many ways. First off, the campus is an arbitrarium- which means on campus one of every species of tree is planted. The campus is absolutely beautiful, and the faculty are welcoming and truly care about their students. At Northwest Missouri State I am not just another student, the faculty here know most of their students by name and they want to help them succeed in all aspects of the college life.


Not for those seeking a city life experience!!! Northwest cares about students and their opinions. Great school, but because of location doesn't have as many oppurtunites.


Northwest Missouri State is very unique compared to many other colleges I looked at. Not only is the faculty amazing and willing to give as much help as you need, but the courses are flexible and unique so you can almost take any class to fit your academic needs. Also Northwest has a beautiful campus with a lot of history and friendly surroundings which helps with your schooling as well.


NWMSU is located in a larger rural town. All the town resisdents support the university and the athletics very well. The university's atheltic teams are always in the top of the best in Division II sports. In fact, the football team has made it to the last five national championship games and last year, 2009, they won it. NWMSU is within two and half hours from Omaha, Nebraska, two hours from Kansas City, Missouri, and forty-five minutes from St. Joseph, Missouri. This is good because there are big attractions within a short drive.