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Northwest Missouri State University

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What are the academics like at your school?

I can honstly say out of two semesters spent at Northwest the only class I semi-enjoyed was Oral Communications(speech) only because the teacher was fantastic, all other teachers I experienced failed to learn the name of their student or show much concern for personal issues. I missed one Choir class due to the death of a friend I had attended school with since kindergarten, I informed my teacher ahead of time I would be absent and why to find out it was unexcused, when I confronted him he said "It was not the death of an imediate family member, therefore is unexcusable" Does this mean that we should not mourn the death of friends as well as family? This absolutely pissed me off, and I immediately left the program to join the nursing program, which a botany teacher is in charge of running (Tell me how that works) needless to say, i was not happy with either major field. However, the Elementary Education/Agricultural department seem to be the only fields worth pursuing at this school, as those are the departments they seem to spend the most money in (aside from Football.) Also, if you do not have a 'dancers body' don't even bother trying out for the show choir, I saw the department refuse acceptance to some of the best singers I have ever seen because they were not skinny enough but in their words "not in physical shape" for dancing. The music program is what I attended this school for, after turning down a large scholarship for the music program to a community college nearby, I was largely dissapointed with what I found.

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I am taking Computer Science major.Programming-I is my favorite class as i love to play with codes.The faculty members are cool and they are friendly.Everybody loves their classes and yes class participation is common.Most of students are competitive.Computer science major is one of the popular major here.The course includes a lot of practical exercises and projects.Professors in this department are really friendly and they are never tired of answering questions and sharing their ideas.i spent couple of hours with professors every week.As a whole this major is awesome.

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