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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


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Greek Life on campus is not as big as it used to be (I guess?). I love it though. We have 5 sororites (Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Phi Mu, Sigma Kappa, and Tri Sig) and like 8 billion fraternitys. There are also I think 3 minority chapters. Being in a sorority has its ups and downs but it has really helped me get to know lots of people and given me something to do on the weekends. Northwest is known around the area as a party school basically because a huge majority of students go out Thursday through Saturday. We have good bars and there always seems to be a frat or house party going on. If this isn't your think though it's no big deal. Every Thursday night the Student Activites Council puts on free events with great prizes like bingo, movie nights, poker tournaments. Football is huge here as we are national champions! So there is usually great student crowds at the games. Tailgating has been missing from the college expierence due to Northwest having a dry campus. However, the school is working on creating game day areas that would allow for on campus tailgating. If this goes through the games will only get more popular. Homecoming is huge here!! The school also has an Encore series that brings in fun things. There are usually 7 (I think?) event a year through them. These are free to students. My favorites so far have been Adam Pascal, Hairspray, and whatever dance groups they bring in. The Student activites council brings in two concerts a year, the bigger of the two being in the Spring. Sometimes the acts are great sometimes not. The council also brings guest speakers like Ben and Jerry of Ben and Jerry Ice Cream, Whitney Port, and Erin Gruwell the amazing freedom writers teacher. Lots of people will travel to St. Joe to eat. It's roughly 45 mins away.


Fraternities and Sororities play the most common activity on Northwest's campus. Pledge week is a nightmare because there is tons of people running around together being loud and doing their social activities. Most of these groups are nice, however some are extremely rude and live up to their stereotypes. TEK especially, if you go to one of the events at their frat house, you better be skinny and perfect or they won't let you in.