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What is the stereotype of students at Northwest Missouri State University? Is this stereotype accurate?


Mostly students here are serious about their studies and career.


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We do have a lot of "stereotypes" at Northwest and it is easy to just group everyone together, but at the same time it is easy to find groups of people that are similar to you! One of the biggest groups would be Frat/Sorority stereotype which sometimes has a negative connotation, but in my time here I have met some very nice, intelligent, or not your typical fFrat/Sorority stereotype.


The main stereotypes of Northwest students tend to be aimed at the use of alcohol and marijuana and the seperation of the Greek community from the rest of the students. The stereotype of alcoholics and potheads is a bit over dramatic. There are a portion of students that fit that stereotype but not the university as a whole. As for the Greek system, a majority of Northwest students belong to fraternities and sororities. They do tend to stick to their houses but some of them branch out and tend to hang out with non-Greek friends.


Luckily, we have a variety of stereotypes here at Northwest. Although it doesn't really feel like separated groups of people, because everyone generally gets along.


There are the greek frat guys who are bossy and some business majors who are supposedly snobby and some English majors who hate english. In reality, none of these are really accurate. Everyone is quite respectful.


Common stereotypes of the students at my school are party-ers, and Greek LIfe students. Many people think because NWMSU is such a small school, there is only one thing to do, party. In reality, there are many other things to do than just go out and get drunk. Maryville has a theater and bowling alley plus some stores to go shopping in. There are also many different organizations to get involved in on campus.