Northwest Missouri State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of Northwest Missouri State University?

Is Northwest Missouri State University a good school?

What is Northwest Missouri State University known for?


Good to school to pursue Graduation in Computer Science. Learnt A lot from professors.


Northwest Missouri State University is actually very good university with excellent faculty members and also it has a lot of resources for students.The courses here are flexible.


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I absolutely love Northwest. This school is ideal because it is small enough that you can develop relationships with many students and be closer to the faculty and professors but it is also big enough where we can experience many new cultures and new ideas. Everyone here is proud to be a Bearcat, but why wouldn't they be? We have excellent facilities, a fun town to be in where we are supported by the community, and many great places both on campus and in town where we can eat, hang out, and get studying done. I don't hear many complaints, but when I do it seems to be a personal preference rather than a majority mind set.


This is a great school: great professors, great staff, great students.


Northwest is great for a student that is looking for a university feel, but prefer a smaller class size. The campus is big enough that it doesn't feel like high school and small enough that teachers will recognize out of the classroom. The town itself is a little sketch. However, I have come to love it.


Medium size school, clean outdoor campus, Watch out for ice storms, since its the state arberitum(place with lots of trees) you tend to get hit by frozen falling branches alot. While the new dorms Perrin and Hudson are in great shape, older dorms such as Millikan, Dietrich, Franken and Phillips are pretty revolting, kitchens in bad shape, laundry in a dark basement, most students go to Perrin/hudson to do laundry even though they are not supposed to, which makes the laundry facilities at Perrin/Hudson over crowded, hard to find time to do laundry. NWMSU offers laptops for use, when i attended the laptops were horribly horribly slow and unreliable, they have recently issued new laptops which continue to be a dissapointment, internet is extremely slow as well for "high-speed." This remains a large issue on campus.