Northwest Missouri State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who likes a close knit campus community and small town. Education or agricultural majors, probably benefit the most, but they have really good professors for any major that you want to pursue. Since there is not a lot to do around town and person should like quiet weekends. They also have a lot of Greek Life that can get you more involved in the community on and off campus.


Someone who should attend this school is someone who wants a smaller school. You can practically walk anywhere in the city.


One who has an open mind that likes small towns and likes the smoke and alchole free campus.


A person who is looking for a moderate size college that gives ample opportunities, at a reasonable price has chosen the right college by coming here. The college is big but not so big that it is hard to connect with professors and other peers. If they like a laid back atmosphere, but still wants to have the opportunity to do multiple things this is the right town and college to be a part of.


Any person who wants a valuable education should attend this school.


I think the person that should attend this university is a person who is open-minded about new things, willing to take advantages of what the university has to offer and like to have fun but be a student at the same time. Also a person who need one on one attention with their teachers and is willing to learn.


Northwest Missouri State University is an ideal school for students who are looking to become part of a family and rich history. Maryville is a tight knit community that adores its college students. The campus is relatively small which allows for many of the students to be familiar with one another. The education is also very personalized, which was advantageous for someone like myself who is completely unaware of the whole college process.


If you are concerned about your professors caring about you, knowing your name, and hopin you do well, this would be the school for you. All of my teachers have gone out of their way to help me and/or other students. It is just an amazing feeling. I like the fact that we aren't a huge school. A smaller school is definitely for me, possibly because I am from a small rural town to begin with.


It doesn't matter what kind of person should attend Northwest Missouri State University. This school is for anyone who wants to receive a great experience, have wonderful professors, and make great friends that will last for life. Not to mention an education that will help you succeed in your future. This school is basically just the right size for a person afraid of a huge university and it is large enough to meet new people daily.


A serious student, who is looking for a career should attend this school. It is also a fun place to be with a lot of fun activities and people.


Although I have not fully enjoyed my experience here, I do not condemn the school for this at all. I have made many good friends and met lots of people who like it here very much. The people that I have observed to be the happiest with this University are the ones from towns smaller than Maryville, and who are looking for a good social experience. There are many people from very small towns and they all seem to have the same outlook. They find Northwest a great place to have fun, meet new friends and keep them busy.




Anyone who is looking for smaller class sizes, with a lot of one on one help. And if you want to meet a lot of people and know most people on campus this is the perfect school! And the football team is spectacular!


A person that is open minded, outgoing, and likes the outdoors.


A student who is technology savy


Someone who cares about their academics. Someone who wants a smaller school, but not tiny.


If you like and are comfortable with small towns. after a while there is not much to do on weekends. if you have a lot of friends and things to do back home it is a big change. depends on your major if this is your best choice.


A very laid back easy going person, who is ready to experience growing up with a little help.


A Person who isn't afraid of work. A person who is willing to break out of the shell. A person who is looking for a place just far enough away from home that the parents aren't just going to stop in at any moment, but still close enough to go home and do laundry.


suburban kids


A person who is very outgoing because there are so many activites always goin on.