Northwest Missouri State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Northwest Missouri State University?


Northwest, is full of many different kinds of students and many different opportunities. The only kind of person who shouldn't attend this school, would be someone who doesn't like meeting new people or doing new things. Northwest has many opportunities to get out and get heard. If anyone has the opportunity to attend Northwest MIssouri State University, they should definitely take it. They are all about making their students successful and they are willing to help you along the way.


A person that thrives in large classrooms and social settings should not attend this school. The campus is small and the class sizes average around 30 or less people. For those looking to attend a large univeristy with the chacne to meet many people, Northwest Missouri State Univeristy is not for them.


Someone who doesn't want to take their education seriously at all. It's kind of a small school, but some people have heard of it having some kind of party reputation. People who go there for that and don't go to their classes or make any educational effort often find themselves leaving after the first semester.


A person that shouldn't attend this school would be someone that needs to live in a big city, and feels like he/she needs a variety of things to do outside of the campus life. Maryville is a small town, so it's definitely Northwest Missouri State University centered. Although it's a great college to attend if you like the small town, welcoming feel, it's hard to find things to do without driving out of town if you wanting to get off campus.


A person who is looking for an elitist society where all you do is put others down.


Just about anyone should consider attending this school. However, if you are not ready to devote the required time to your studies, or to sometimes choose writing a paper over hanging out with friends, this school may not be an excellent choice for you. Also, if you enjoy being in a busy city with a lot to do on the weekends, Northwest may not be the right choice for you. Weekends in Maryville get pretty quiet, and we are at least 30 miles from the nearest "city."


I believe that people who aren't willing to work shouldn't attend Northwest Missouri State University. Northwest is mainly about academics, and even though the extra-curricular activities are large in number, Northwest is not for those who don't know how to balance their time. Also those who are going to college for reasons other than learning shouldn't attend NWMSU.


We have all kinds here, many ethnicities and beliefs ; so that is not an issue. Our school is small however and is not for those who love the bustling cities and the fast paced lifestyle. You must like being known by everyone and their dog and stopping to talk or have lunch with friends.


Northwest Missouri State University is a medium sized school that fits anyone?s budget or educational goals. We are a very community oriented university that takes pride in setting the standards for an excellent educational environment. In my opinion, anyone who doesn't have a passion for learning shouldn't attend. Honestly, there isn?t anyone that would not be a good addition to this program because of its rich diversity and ability to provide numerous academic and sports related activities/interests that help anyone who attends to not only grow as a person but as a symbol for success.


Anyone who has success in education as their goal should attend Northwest Missouri State University. This school is one that provides many opportunities for students should they need extra help. The professors are quite knowledgeable in their fields and are available during their posted office hours. However, if a student is merely wanting to get a degree, but not put forth the time and effort, he or she will probably not succeed and should therefore not attend.