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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Honey, get your head out of your ass it's not a hat. You aren't the center of the world, and your boyfriend isn't that fantastic. You're about to become a college freshman, where there are plenty of boys, and a bigger world full of amazing people. You're about to enter "a whole new world" where there is plenty of fish in the sea. Opens your eyes and enjoy you last few days at the high school because you're about to grow up, get new responsibilities and see the world in a whole new light.


As a second semester freshman in a new environment, I would go back and tell my high school senior self to stay friends with your old friends from high school that are on campus with you. I made the mistake of trying to just focus on making new friends and completely shut out my old friends. I was completely miserable. I was not making any friends and was seeing my old friends with new friends and I hated it. I was so homesick. I was ready to go home and not come back. Then classes started, I still had no new friends, but started talking to my old friends. My main friend group are high school friends, but I don't see that as a bad thing. Through them I had made more friends than I would have if I tried by myself. As long as you enjoy being around the old friends, the new friends will come piling in through them with a little help from yourself.


If I could go back and advise my high school self, I would definitely have to warn me about a lot! I honestly, don't think I could have prepared myself for the transition for college. But, I would tell myself to make sure what I did the next 4 years counted, because it will effect the rest of my life. My first year of college would be the most important, If you let your grades slip then you might be playing catch up for the next 3 years. I would tell myself to have fun, but make sure school is top priority. Mom definitely won't be waking me up for class. And i would also remind myself of who I am and what I stand for. A lot of people go off to college to find themselves. But I know who I am and don't let other people make you feel like you dont fit in or you don't belong here. Lastly, I would tell myself to remember the goal, I want to succeed in life, so I have to fight for it, work for it, and achieve it.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would first tell myself stop rushing. If i thought the wait for graduation was long, try the wait to go off to college. The anticipation itself could drive you mad. The most important thing I would have told myself is enjoy my adolescense. Not that I dont enjoy my life as a growing adult, but I feel like I sat my entire senior year anticipating the next move, that I wasn't living in the moment. As I sit here as a college student, I cant help but miss the small things in highschool, the easy reading assignments, reasearch essays, pre-calc, weight training, and varsity cheer. I would just tell myself to live life day by day. Don't think about the next day because, like some of my close classmates what if there was no tomorrow? As long as I sat there wishing I was older, I could have been living in the moment and enjoying myself. Being an adult and having a lot more accountability is fun at first, but it can get overwhelming.


If I could go back and redo my senior year I would take advantage of the AP classes my high school offered. I wish I would have challenged myself more my senior year and taken more classes for college credit. I came in with no credits and it really affected my ablility to register for spring classes. It was also a huge change from high school to college because it had been a year since I had taken challenging courses. I also wish I would have taken classes from a local community college for credit. It would have been nice to come into college with some of my general education classes already completed. Taking more classes for college credit in high school would have given me a great advantage in college. I wish I had taken advantage of that oportunity.


I would advice myself to sharpen my study skills. College is much more challenging than high school, and one should work to prepare themself for this drastic change.


I would advise myself to try harder in high school because grades really do matter a lot, especially if you are trying to join a sorority or fraternity.


Life is hard. Suck it up and deal with it. Put in the work now and it will pay off later.


Look forward to your studies. At times it will be a challenge and it will be easy to blow off your studies for the social aspect. Learn as much as you can from everyone that you meet. Take part in all the activites that come your way. Enjoy the learning experience that has been placed at your fingertips.


The advice I would give myself is to not let the problems at my house and my personal life disturb my grades and my life as a high school senior. If I was organized enough in my life I can be able to handle my school, all the activities I was involved in, and I would be able to manage everyday life problems better.


Apply for as many scholarships as you can! Good grades don't buy a full ride at every college or even enough to cover most of it. You need to actively hunt for local and online scholarships and apply for all of them! Start as soon as you can. Also, volunteer more at the animal shelter or find another non-profit place to help out at. Network with people and get more experience in the real world. College is VERY different from high school. The sooner you work on transitioning to the real world, the easier it will be to walk onto that campus in the fall. There are NO parents there to nag you about your habits. Start getting healthier habits now so you'll have them when you're on your own as well.


Find time to study. Dont get invovled with so much that you lose focus on why you are here in the first place.


Dont blow off math. That anything that you did learn will help you make a better transition. That you may have senioritis but you still feel like you dont want to do anything when you get to college. But you will have to work,go to school,be involved, and find time to sleep. Highschool was piece of cake compared to what you will face when you go to college. Dont rush trying to get out. Enjoy being a kid for one more year. Because come graduation everything will change.


You may think you're an adult now, but you're still a kid. Legally, you can make your own decisions, but mentally and physically, you're incapable of surviving in the real world without help and guidance. College will give you that opportunity to mature and grow. Partcipate in clubs and organizations and meet people whom you can form lifetime friendships with. That is a great way to learn social networking. Excel in all your classes, because when employers and colleges start asking for your transcripts, those classes you failed will show up and define a part of you. Pay all your school fees up front, because making payments will help develop bad habits that can put you in debt later in life. Last but not least, make your classes your number one priority, because you don't want to still be in college six years later.


Growing up means becoming independent. Independence means finding your own way through life. One would say that college means finally being free from the scrutinization of parental figures. However, once you enter college, you are no longer a child and will never be treated the same. I used to dream of the day I could finally pack my tiny Honda with all of my newly bought college supplies and drive away from the only place I have ever known as home, but once I parked my car, the nervousness swam through my veins. I realized that there was no going back to the laid back girl who loved spending all her time reading fantasy books. The advice I would give my high school self is too cherish the time with family. College changes relationships. I miss my mother dearly and I still call her every day to detail the events of my day. My mom is my best friend and I would not have realized how close we are without going to college. I also realized how I am becoming an adult. As an adult, I am responsible for my own future and no one can plan it for me.


Everyone always says, "College is the best time of your life, so enjoy it." Even though that’s so cliché, it’s definitely true. College is the last time that you can live a life for yourself and not take on the responsibilities of having a job and family to take care of, so enjoy the college life. Don't worry about other people and what they have to say about you because in reality you are living your life for you and God, nobody else. You know what the best path to take is, so be confident and don't let others influence your decisions because if they are your true friends they will support you on every decision you make. Also, enjoy the time you have with your friends, new and old, because you never know what tomorrow brings. Keep the future in mind, but don't worry about it. You're young; you'll have plenty of time to worry about that stuff once you graduate. In the end, the best advice I could ever give myself is to enjoy having the freedoms and the friends you have and never take them for granted.


As a high school senior I was naïve, excited to move, start school with my friends, and be a “grown up”. If I could go back and tell myself what I know now, I would share three things: friends come and go but family is forever, long distant relationships do not work but it is not the end of the world, and no matter what keep your head up. Through my years at college I have learned my family will always have my back. No matter what the problem my mom and dad were there helping and supporting me along the way, even if my friends bailed on me. Coming into school I was in a relationship I thought would last forever. I quickly learned people grow a lot while in college and distance puts too much strain on relationships, and I learned I could survive without it. The third lesson I’ve learned is to keep my head up. Things were hard transitioning to a new place and new people. No matter how bad the situation good things still happen. If I could share my wisdom with myself, my first two years of college would have been great.


If I were to go back to my senior year in high school, my advice to myself would be; to be organized, get enough sleep, and stay focused on school. I think organization is very important in college life, because professors will ask you to look at a spicific day of lecture notes or a specific assignment and you'll need to find it right away. It is also easier when your reading lecture notes and studying. Sometimes life gets to be challenging but you still need to find time to rest. If your up all night studying chances are your test score could have been a little bit better if you got some sleep and had a good breakfast. I never knew sleep was so important before a big test! Finally, it is very important to stay focused on school. If you're paying to go to school you want to be there. You need to be there to take notes and learn the material. It is very important to be active in the classroom. I also would suggest to myself to talk to the teacher if you dont understand something completely or need help on something in class.


to stay focused in school.


Maria Robinson once said, "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I wish I could have told myself that. In high school I made a lot of mistakes like not taking my parents advice, not studying as much as a should have, and even taking advantage of my teachers. I would tell myself that instead of dwelling on the past, you should start acting on the things that you wish you could have changed. To start listening to my parents before disagreeing with them, to work harder on homework assignments, and to show my teachers how much I appreciate their help. I would also tell myself that every mistake I make happens for a reason, so just learn from it and grow. The final, perhaps even the most important thing I would tell myself is to make amends with the people I love because once your heart is mended then your future can only become brighter, and possibly even better than you could have imagined with the help of your loved ones.


Hello, self. I know you're busy planning for your wedding and your move to Okinawa after graduation, but listen up. There are a few things you need to know about attending college, especially as a military wife. First of all, you will have to switch schools when you PCS, so start with the basic classes.That way when you transfer, hopefully you won't lose any credits. It is also important for you to never assume anything about a college's credit system. Don't assume you know what your AP or transfer credits will count towards. Otherwise, you will end up with several credits that all count toward the same class. Make sure you keep in close contact with your college administration to be sure all of your credits are lining up for your degree plan correctly. It is so important that you are always aware of your progress and that you remain proactive about working towards your degrees. As long as you communicate with your colleges and follow the degree plans, I know you will be fine. With these tips, your college career should be smooth and successful. Enjoy that degree, you will have earned it!


As a high school senior, I was extremely excited about college but scared of losing the friends I had since I was five years old. I wish that someone would have told me that my friends in high school would always be there for me and there was nothing wrong with making new friends in college. Worrying even ruined some of my high school experiences because I concentrated on how they would be ending instead of enjoying the moment. I spent a lot of time stressing about all the things I was going to miss out on once I moved away from my hometown. On my first day of college, I begged my mom not to leave me there alone. For the first semester I went home almost every weekend, did not attend very many football games, and missed out on a lot of awesome experiences. Since then I have met new friends and had amazing experiences at college and can still go home from time to time and meet up with the friends I've always had. I just wish that I had worried less my senior year and lived more in the moment.


I have made friends I would not have made otherwise, gone places I wouldn't have gone and learned about life. It has been a valuable experience because this is the time to make mistakes and still have do-overs allowing the chance to learn without facing disastrous consenquences.


Starting the very first day of college I knew that I was ready to make this next big step in life. Though I haven’t been attending college long, I know that this is the right step towards the career and the life that I want for myself. So far college has shown me that I am responsible enough to handle what life throws at me. Learning this after just one semester makes me really excited to eventually go on and get my PhD in Chemistry. I have met so many people and learned about different cultures it has proven to be worth my time and money to be here. It has given me new value and meaning to friendships, and the connections that can be made between a professor and a student. The value of education has really been brought to my attention too. The fact that I can set my mind to do something, and that I can make a difference motivates me to keep trying harder. I don’t know what I would have done if I missed out on this experience.


During my time at Northwest Missouri State University, I have had numerous fulfilling experiences including community service, leadership skills, excellent training for my field, and life-long friendships. Through my involvement in Sigma Society, I have participated in many different community service activities in our community, as well as in Kansas City. Also, my executive position in this organization has helped me refine my leadership skills even more. Northwest is known for an outstanding Elementary Education program, which is one of the reasons I chose to attend this school. Throughout my classes so far, I have had multiple outstanding experiences that will assist greatly in my pursuit of a teaching career. Ever since my freshman year, I have made some of the best friends possible. I can easily see these friendships staying close to my heart well into the future. My experiences at Northwest have taught me many things, especially who I am and who I want to be. I greatly value the preparation it has provided me for my future career, as well as the appreciation I have learned for what I have and what I can accomplish.


I have learned that without an education, I will not be able to make it very far knowing that I only have myself to depend on. Attending community college has increased my decipline and sharpened my determination in reaching my goal and filling the void of my placement in the world. I have come to realize that I have missed so much, and doing what I can to take it all in so that I am able to effect change in other lives. El Centro Community College has been a very positive experience thus far. I have had good teachers and really good teachers and fun classes, which all aides in helping me to retain information. I plan to graduate from El Centro.


My freshman year I transferred to Northwest from another college because I was miserable there. I can honestly say I'm happy at Northwest and that it has changed the course of my life. I came in undecided, but with the help of my Northwest advisor and the fact that Northwest had more majors to offer than my previous school, I decided on a major I now love. I now know that I want a career helping people. At Northwest I started to attend a Christian group called the Navigators. I had always believed in God but through the Navigators my life has been changed. I have not only learned about God, but I have a passion for it too. It gives me a deep sense of purpose, happiness, knowledge, and new found friends that I know I would never have experienced if I had stayed at my old school.


College has opened doors that would have stayed closed had I not attended. I have been blessed to attend a great university that allows me to be individualistic and follow my own path towards graduation. College has allowed me to grow as an individual by learning both in and out of the classroom. My course work prepares me for the real world and one day finding a job in my respective field. My social life has taught me lessons of true friendship, money managment, and even lessons on how to be responsible on my own. I have taken away memories that will last me that I can look back on and enjoy if I ever live far away from my friends. I have taken away the importance of having supporting parents who are there to bail you out of a jam when needed, whether that be mediphorically or physically speaking. College has given me opportunities to help out in the community and part-take in concerts and athletic events. And finally the reason college is so valuable to me is because it has alllowed me grow into a man that will be ready to conquere the world upon graduation.


So far I have learned more about myself than I ever knew. I meet new people every day with different views on life. In school, I am learning skills I never had before. Not only in art but in my time management and structuring schools. I love my school experience so far and hope to finish my schooling quickly.


So far, my college experience has taught me that it is important to study for the tests and that college is a lot harder than high school was. It has also taught me that it is not only important to study but it is also important to go to class so that you know exactly what is going on in the class. It is easier to learn the material if you read the textbook before you go to class. It is also easier to learn the material if you go to class.


I’ve gotten lots of experience by going and committing to college, first and most important is knowledge without knowledge you’re not going to get anywhere. I’ve always have been told that knowledge is power and with it and all the others who are to changing the world. I’ve also gained confidence by gaining knowledge, how? well with the things that I’m learning I’m confident in myself knowing that I am educated and the choices that I will make will be well though out and smart because I am educated. Another is a "go get them attitude” if I don’t take the initiative to get up go to class, take notes, sit threw class lessons, take tests do homework your not only wasting your time but you professors and all your peers and lets not forget the people and companies private schools that have set up scholarships and grants for you to go to school. College has been valuable to me in the fact that I’m gaining so much out of it like timing , being respectful to my peers and teachers, as well as how to be focused and have drive and determination.


Although I am just a freshman, college has truly taught me many life lessons. For example, if I want to eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, no one is there to tell me I cannot do that. And no one is there to help me separate my dark clothes from my white clothes when I do laundry. Living on campus has taught me to manage my time- that way I have time for the pizza and the laundry, but also time to study. Unlike high school, teachers in college are not going to be as lenient. Having the teachers push me to succeed has taught me that if I want the good grades then I must work hard and always put my best "work" forward. However, college is not all out the education a student receives. I believe that it is more about the life lessons they learn while earning the education, and I would not trade those life lessons for anything in the world.


I have gained independance during my college experience. I have learned how to take care of myself. I have also learned valuable skills like study strategies and financial responsibility. Northwest has been the best school for me and I absolutely love it!


COLLEGE: A whole new chapter in life? College is a new life for me. I have grown up after my four years in high school. I learned to be more respectful and much more independent. There are many things I have succeed that it seems like I already picture on what life going to be as. During my life in college, I have been with people who love me and people who hate me. I see the picture more clear and visualized that college is the first chapter in my lifetime to play smart and not to be distractive with to people who do not take life seriously. This is my college experience. I hope u enjoy.


College has been such an amazing experience, and do not get me wrong, it is hard, but having the chance to get an education and start on the journey for the career that you have dreamed about from childhood is a great chance. A chance that I am priviliged to get and thankful for. College has helped me set the picture into view. I had layed out the cornerstone in High school and not I am building it brick by brick.


I have gotten memories that will las me a life time. Each one of my friends wil be with me forever. The teachers here are very he;pful and are here to see us suceed.


I have gotten a completely new life. In high school you are so completely sheltered. In college, you get the chance and opportunity to meet new people and branch out. With so many new opportunities, I have been able to find new hobbies and interests. Due to Northwest's vast activity choices, I am now in the American Sign Language Club and am minoring in Deaf Studies. To make things short, college has opened up my eyes to a completely different life for the better.


If I could go back I would tell myself to pay attention in school, learn from the mistakes of others, set goals I can achieve, prioritize my time better, do my homework on time, study, study, study, become more involve in the activities that are offered to me, try new things, don't try to hide in the background, be my own person, listen to my family, surround myself with positive people. Don't let negative things be the outcome of my high school career whether it be relationships with family, friends and people you come in contact on a everyday basis. Next, the little things like watching my diet, study,study,study, pray for guidance and understanding in my life and just BE YOUR OWN PERSON and confide in the people that love and care for you. Be more open with the problems you have in school whether it be academically or within yourself.


If I could go back I would tell myself to let loose, and enjoy my college years. To study hard, but to also relax with friends. This is the last stage of feedom in ones life, and it is meant to enjoy. Another peice of advice I would pass along is not to pay attention to what others say, not to take it personally. It's college, and everyone is under pressure just the same. Everyone needs to relax. If I could go back, I would pass along the advice to enjoy life. Also, a quick study tip, use notecards! They help tons.


I would tell myself that its a lot more intense then any high school class has ever been. That studying is a must! And to go to bed earlier and wake up at least a half hour before class to eat and to prepare myself for what the day is going to bring. There were so many days that I woke up completely tired and not wanting to go to class, therefore during the classes I barely took any of the information in, leaving me really lost and confused with the information later on.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to not stress and worry. As a senior in high school the little things in life always seem to create mountains and obstructions ahead. Days seem to never cease with due dates, homework becomes a mess of applications, and you seem like no one understands what you are going through. Well, if I am going back to talk to me, I do understand. I would tell myself, do not worry. You are someone now and you will be someone in the future to come. Little by little taking baby steps to our goal will break those mountains into hills, than grains of sand. I would tell myself, instead of worrying, create an organized schedule. First, take care of yourself and well being. Then tackle the papers needed. Initially, work on applications that need little or no help. Paperwork that require a second opinion, ask and you shall receive the answers and the help you need. There are people surrounding you wanting to help. You are not alone. So Steph do not worry, God has everything under control.


If given the opportunity to travel back to my high school days and have a pep talk with myself, the best advice I would have to offer is to slow down and stay prepared. For much of my high school career, I rushed through life in a frenzy of preperation and anxiety. By making my life so unnecessarily hectic, I actually circumvented some enjoyment and success. I now wish that I had stopped to appreciate such a pivotal time. While preparation for college was important, I stressed entirely too much over the small things.


The advise that I would give myself is to go strait to college, not to wait cause of life, such as children. The most important thing is to further your education no matter what life throughs at you!!


I would have told myself that life is hard and that life isn't easy all the time but you push yourself day after day to finish what you started. I would have told myself to take as many classes for college while in high school instead of waiting. I would have chosen to apply for all the scholarships as I could so I wouldn't have to work while to school. I would have made sure that all my grades would have been great and maybe then I would have been chosen to got the their school rather than trying to find a college that had room for me. I would have pushed myself to do the best I could do, rather than just have way.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior I would have so many things to say about college life. First of all I would tell myself that it would not be as easy as I thought it was. I mean with so much freedom and time, its a whole new ball game to keep focused on the things that matter, like academics. Next I think I would tell me that I should definitely think hard about what I want in a college, not only academics and majors, but social life and extra-curricular activities too. I think the last thing I would tell myself is not to fret too much about college life, because even though its going to be hard, its also going to be one of the greatest experiences of my life so the less I worry about fitting in, and more on making new friends and learning, the easier and more fulfilling it will be.


There is so much that comes to mind when I think of this question. It seems like we were so naive as seniors in high school. I would tell myself to really inforce good study habits. That is so important when you get to college. Don't cram, because I have already found out that studying the week before, little by little, every night helped me a lot more. You also have to be very self motivated. In high school I was given a lot of slack, and I could hand in late assignments almost all the time. This isn't the case in college. You get the syllabus on the first day of class, and you better have the assignment done on the day it is due, or you will be given a zero for the most part. I think that is a good thing though. It helps you with responsibity. But most of all, I would just tell him to enjoy his senior year, and don't take anything for granted.


Go to the school I am at now. It will be the best decision you make, it is a great campus, great people, great professors. You will be so happy.


Don't take things for granted. Make sure you stay true to who you are and how far you have come. Don't get caught up in all the drama and try to avoid potentially bad situations. It will be worth it if you do. Enjoy your last year in high school and being the center of attention in school., but don't allow yourself to become stuck up and cocky. Be friends with everyone you can. The year will go by fast and it will all be over. There is no do-over. What happens is what you'll have to live with the rest of your life so be smart and think before doing and saying. Love life! It?s the only one you'll have.


Think about what you want out of a life long career! I wish someone would have told me that as a high school student. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would drill those exact words into my little naive head. I thought I had plenty of time to figure out career options because a career was so far away into my future. I must have believed I would wake up one morning with everything magically figured out. Unfortunately, this was not the case for me. I spent my freshman year of college picking classes with no clue of what type of major I was working towards. I used all of the career guidance tools, surveys, and quizzes supplied by Northwest to get me started. Yes, as a sophomore I do have my major figured out...finally! Waiting to make my final decision caused me to spend more money and time on classes not related to my major. On the brighter side, at least I gained a broader knowledge in various subjects and had fun along the way!


Always be on the look out for a direction in life, its never too soon to start thinking about it. Dont put it off because you are only a senior and still have a whole summer and some to think about it. The sooner you start the more options become apparent and there are so many careers available today that the decision is not one to be made overnight.