Northwest Nazarene University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is well-rounded, dedicated, and true to his/her faith.


NNU is a small campus but has the technology and organization of larger campuses. Everyone is helpful and friendly. The amenities are above average with a great cafeteria and library. Student exercise and wellness facilities are excellent.


People who are looking for an easy degree or a party school will find NNU is not the school for them.


Someone looking for the "college life". The drinking and partying side is what I mean by that. It is a dry campus so you can get into serious trouble for that type of stuff. Not saying people don't break rules but it is not a part of this campus' life.


Those who dislike religious presence and spiritually emphasized conversations ( that is not necessarily coservative or liberal) between people of the administration, faculty, and student body may not apperciate this school's greatest strength. Most people of every background can fit in comfortably here, but it really depends on the demeaner of one's academic class. A student should be fairly comfortable with a small school environment. I would discourage a person who engages in drug use or even alcohol consumption from attending this school - it makes for pretty rough road that normally does not lead to one's graduation.


anyone should attend


a person who doesnt want to be chained in by a whole lot of rules and campus regulations and possibility of getting fined all over the place. if you want something to do at 2 AM on a campus, this school is not the place to go.

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