Northwest-Shoals Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to research, research, research! I've wasted so many hours of time and a whole lot of money on classes I don't even need. I would tell myself to decide on a major before I waste all that time and money. I would also tell myself that getting involved would not only be beneficial to myself, but also to the betterment of my resume.


If I could go back I would tell myself to start looking for financial aid and grant programs early. I would tell myself to look into the feild that I want to study and people that work in the feild and ask questions about the feild. I would ask for any tips for making school a little easier. I would tell myself to also take some summer classes to make the first year a little less load and not take off the summer or a year because it only becomes harder each day you wait.


I would better discipline myself pertaining to my schoolwork. I would focus more on my G.PA as well my ACT score. I would inform myself that the only way to succeed is to be dedicated as well as determined. There would be a lot of distractions but to remain focused on my goals. Education is as valuable as the air we breathe. That without education we wouldn?t have doctors, lawyers, or even teachers. College will instill in me to succeed in life as well as my field such as Electrical technology. College is a great opportunity to meet lifelong friends.


If I went back and talked to myself I would tell me that I needed to try a little harder and follow my heart. I would say to not listen to my parents when they said not to apply to Auburn, my dream school, becuase it was a waste of their money. I would tell myself to go and try to find a fun and excitig job during the summer and to go ahead and take three classes in the summer to have e haed start on somethings. I would also tell myself to never give up no matter how hard people are on me. Do not listen to them they do not know how smart and talented I am. My last words would be to never say never and believe in yourself.


Being a recent college grad at 34 with four children, I would most likely tell myself to take advantage of being young and able to complete school early. Making poor decisions right after high school, I decided not not return to school and put off college until 4 years ago. Now nearing my 30's I decided it was time to make a better life for myself and my children and the thought that I could have done this years and years ago before the kids really bugs me that I didn't do it sooner. Now I am in debt with student loans but do however has an Associates degree in Criminal Justice and am pushing on to get my Bachelors. It would have been easier academic wise to complete college right after high school as I have forgotten most of what I learn in high school and am having to take classes over again.