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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If i could give myself advice, i'd tell myself to make sure i'm ready. If possible, take college courses while your still in High School so you can be more prepared in what to expect and you already have a good start on college. Dont slack off your last year of high school just because your finally going to get out of there after 4 long years because your going to wish you hadn't. It's time to grow up and be an adult. Instructors aren't going to treat you like you in high school anymore, they are going to expect alot more out of you than what your teachers in high school did. Try to overcome your shyness and make friends when you in college. They will help you along the way.


If i were to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have told myself to apply myself into school more. As a high school senior I had already been accepted into a 4-year college and I thought that I could just 'skate' through the year. I would tell myself to really focus on what I want to accomplish with my future and if things do not happen the way I had planned not to be disappointed because this is life and plans change. I would tell myself that I wasnt actually going to be attending college that fall because life had other plans for me and a son would be born to me the next spring and that it would take 8 years after high school graduation before I would actually have that opportunity to attend college. I would tell me that it is very scary since it is a long time out of the classroom but it is something that I would value very much and would take very seriously.


If I could give my self advice as a high school senior, I would reassure my concerns about the college I had chosen. I would say that a community college is a great way to start the college adventure. It is great in the fact that most people are very nice and helpful, and that they will work with you if you work with them. A community college is also great because it gives you a better chance to win some scholarships from the school because not as many students are enrolled there. This will reduce the college debt for after you are finished. I would also reassure my self that making friends will not be a problem, and that they will stick with me forever. Sure there will be some jerks, but they will soon pass and ethical people will take their place as my good friends. In short, I would tell myself that the college I have chosen is of excellent quality not because of the good food or the kind people in admissions. It is because of the amazing teachers who help with anything and the good friends that come with a good learning environment.


To be a successful student in college takes a few things. Be serious about the learning process. Complete all assignments on time, read assigned material, and start each semester with a positive attitude. Get a planner that you can organize your thoughts, assignments, due dates, test dates, and personal commitments. Study the learned material in small increments every day, never cram for a test. Take time for yourself to relax and unwind. If you do not do well on a test, it may be that you studied hard, just not in the most effective way. Make an appointment with your instructor if you are having difficuly with a course. The instructor can offer ideas on how to be successful in his/her course.


Since this scholarship does not include any place for Indian students, I would advice myself to be a part of the US university so that I atleast come into the 'deserving' category, since it seems impossible to reach out to any scholarship sponsor (inspite of being a deserving student, who desperately needs financial help for her education!).