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What are the most popular student activities/groups?

Holy cow, there are quite a few different things you can do here. The most popular thing to do at NVC seems to be the budding Performance Arts program and the DVCP program. The sports area is also growing but has trouble gaining traction because games and information aren't advertised to well and most games are played during the week when students might be studying; the director for the Vista Sports program has told me that most of those in attendance are family members and not other students. We get some awesome speakers to come to campus, and there are groups that organize events like rock-climbing, bowling nights, golf days, etc. Oh yeah, and we have a mini-ropes course and a disc golf (field?). NVC has a fitness center, a track, an open gym, trails to go biking/running, an auditorium, a blackbox, a green screen studio, a sound studio, and much more. The dating scene at NVC is pretty awesome. I've met a lot of girls throughout my time there and there wasn't a semester where I didn't find a girl to spend time with. When it comes to friends, I was in the same boat; virtually every class I found a friend. As far as when parties happen, depends on who you know really, but there have been semesters where I was out every other night and the nights I wasn't out I was working ahead on homework knowing I wouldn't have time to work on it later.

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Popularity can be defined as something that happens commonly or something that happens rarely that stands out. However, popularity from commonplace things are more pronounced in school. When we think of the "popular kids" we all think of the prettiest girls and the most athletic guys, and usually we imagine an underlying sense of superiority, carelessness, wrecklessness, and the lack of loyalty and kindness, however, they're still the "cool kids".

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