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The best thing about going to NVC is that I was given the knowledge needed to succeed and access to very informative and excellent professors that were always willing to help. Other students were overall great in their own ways and I loved getting to know a variety of people. Sure, there are a few professors or students that you just won't like or won't get along with, but it's not hard to find a prof that you can go to for guidance nor is it difficult to meet a student that you'll get along with. The only thing I would change about the campus is the poor way it promotes clubs and campus activities. My time at NVC has been great, but not until the last two semesters did it ever feel like a true "college" in terms of the community. The diversity on campus has definitely led to one group not realizing another group exists. A perfect example: I am on the Cross Country team, and people did not realize we even had a team, much less a gym! There needs to be better promotion of the variety of offerings around the campus (that rivals virtually any other school in the SA-Area), as well as less "red-tape" between departments. Oh yeah, and parking, but what college doesn't have that problem? NVC is the perfect size. not too large to get lost in the crowd, not so small that you won't meet anyone or get an introduction to the 'college' experience. Definitely felt my time there was a great stepping stone to transfer to a 4 year university. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU GET AN ASSOCIATE DEGREE BEFORE TRANSFERRING!! Honestly, this school is up and coming, which is a double-side sword. Every time I mentioned NVC, it was meant with a look of confusion or disdain towards community colleges in general. In the SA-Area, the "premiere" community college (can you believe that's a thing?) is considered to be San Antonio College, but that's going to change in the next few years if NVC keeps going in the direction it's going. NVC offers so much more than people would readily expect; a perfect example comes from their budding DVCP/RTF program, that offers technology beyond what other colleges in the state can compete with ( There are multiple places around the campus to chill at, depending on what kind of student you end up meshing with, but generally the spots that everyone hangs out at are in the areas surrounding the lake: Outside the "Cypress Campus Center" and the "Cyber Cafe", which is located next to the library. Good place to see clubs having meetings, budding musicians playing some jams, and beautiful scenery. Not much school pride yet, but it's difficult for a 2-year college to really get a fanbase going. However, I do think that as time goes on, NVC students will become more proud of their college. The thing every complains about is the parking, the way the departments don't seem to work together on things, and how badly academic advising is. I already stated my opinion the depts, and parking is something that's a problem on virtually every college campus, so instead I'll explain why I somewhat agree about the advising. The advisors at NVC aren't 'degree specific' and instead just take students on a crash course of their degree plans without getting to know the student or the program they are under. My recommendation to incoming/current students: Talk to your degree program's coordinator or a professor/teacher that deals with students within that program. I did this and I never felt misguided by the coordinator. To find out who that is, all you have to do is ask or go to the nvc website and look under the program you're trying to follow. I know some of them are harder to find than others (like the Allied Transfer students), but even in the most dire cases, just asking questions helps.

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It is a beautiful campus. The teachers care about the student's futures. Overall I love this school!

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