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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself and listen to myself when I tell myself that children can wait. I had 2 children shortly after high school and no babysitter. I feel that I lost out on a lot trying to go to school and be a full-time. I learned soon after that I could not attend college and raise 2 small children due to the stress parenting and school work put on me. Today, as an adult who has gone throught the early parenting stages, I would and I do, tell young men and women that education comes first. If you have no education, not only can you not teach your children anything other than what they and you have learned in grammar shcool and high school, but also, education is as important as food, air, and shelter and is very much needed.


It is not easy as high school when we go to college because we have to choose a career what are we want to do in futrue and always make a plan like what are your goals. be prepared for everything for your quizzes, tests and homeworks. Don't be lazy and waste your time i mean like do all your work ontime and go to class everyday.