Northwestern College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Dutch Community with Christian values ans ideals blened with the Dutch annual Tulip Festival. Being an smaller college allows students to know many prople and make great lasting friends.


My school is best known for it's Christian based education and challenging academics.


Northwestern College is best known for it's small campus that is commited to the academic, spiritual, and social growth of each student. It is a Christ-centered campus that provides many opportunites for students to develop leadership skills as well as opportunities to serve the campus and the local community. It is located in a small town that is incredibly supportive of our mission. The faculty and staff are incredibly caring and invest in each of their students.


Honestly, I do not know. It is a Seventh Day Adventist program and has an outstanding Master's in Social Work program. I like the fact that I am enrolled as a full-time student and have classes one day a week. This allows me to still work full-time during the rest of the week.


Being rated one of the top colleges.


Northwestern College is best known for it's close-knit community that intergrates faith and learning.


My school is best known for being a quiet, conservitive, little collge. They are also well known for their football program. If you were to ask someone about Northwestern College, they would tell you it is a place where you can focus on your future, and not get distracted by out side things. The community is small and very conservitive as well. It is known for it's Calvinist views.