Northwestern College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Since Northwestern is a small college, students attending this school should be comfortable with living in a smaller, more rural community. The students need to be academically focused, as courses are rigorous and the students will be challenged. Students attending Northwestern can be of any faith background; however, given that Northwestern is a Christian college, there are multiple opportunities for students to learn and grow in their Christian faith.


The people that should attend Northwestern are people that enjoy a sheltered life in a small town. Who would enjoy going to chapel four out of five days a week and can make their own fun because the town is kind of boring. The benefit to that is everyone is very close and you can usually figure out something to do together.


A person that doesn't mind the small town, nothing to do weekend life. They must be able to make their own fun.


Any person that is willing to take a challenge and work for what they want to be. You also have to be hard-working, friendly, and compassionate. You should also be the type of person who is strong in their faith or wants their faith to grow.


The kind of person that should attend Northwestern is a hard working individual but also an individual that likes to have fun and participate in crazy campus activities.


The kind of person who would do especially well at this school is someone who is serious about searching out or growing in Christian faith. This school is also for the person who wants to make close friends and for the person who wants to know how they can make a difference in the world. This person should also be willing to live under somewhat conservative rules and in a rather small community.


An person with a desire to learn and worship Christ in a community environment.


If you're looking for a college set apart from the distractions of big town life here's a good place. It's a place to reflect and learn about the world outside.


A person who either considers themselves Christian or is open to the Christian religion, values community, and doesn't mind a small town environment.


I would like students with broad open minds to attend Northwestern, because I think the school needs it. Unfortunately, such students are not always happy there. Most students who love Northwestern are from similar Midwestern small towns, are staunchly Christian, and are interested in academic rigor to a point. Northwestern is certainly challenging enough, but there's no need to study on the weekends if it's not finals week. :)


A person who is ready to learn , not just accademically, but about the most important thing in life, Jesus. This is a Christian school, they don't discrimminate against non-Christians, but a person won't walk away from this school, never hearing and/or learning about Jesus Christ. This school is in a small town, but if a person is willing to make their own fun, it's a great place!


People who really want to learn and to have real friends, not just people you hang out with.