Northwestern College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frusturating thing about my school is the vast amount of people that make up our campus and community can be very judgemental. Unfortunately, their is a certain "social and spiritual" standard that everyone holds in high regards, and if you don't meet that standard you can be looked down upon and feel judged.


There's a "ring by spring" slogan on campus, and I sometimes feel like everyone is supposed to be dating, engaged, or married. It can be frustrating to feel that way.


I think the most frustrating aspect of my school especially is the wireless internet access. There are computers available all over campus, but a good majority of students own laptops. I do most of my studying in my dorm room and am unable to get wireless internet access without the cord. This is challenging when I am working on assignments on the internet and my cord all of a sudden is unplugged. Sometimes I even lose progress on an assignment.


Currently, the most frustrating thing is that some of the professors are not very stable. One professor has canceled meetings at the last moment and has handed out major, important paperwork that was unknown to the students with only two weeks left in the quarter. It has been frustrating but has taught me to be on top of things and to make sure that everything else is done so that when these surprises come up, they are easily handled.


It is fairly small which can limit the opportunities for your class schedule; for example, some courses needed for my major were only offered every other year only in the spring which caused a few headaches.


The town that it is located in is pretty small and stores close early