Northwestern College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Small community college of 2000+. Culture was very helpful meeting an knowing profs personnally. Christian college with mon-fri chaple. I enjoyed all four years, met and made many friends. Orange City, IA is a small Dutch city woth friendly people all around. Sports is very well established and comminity is supportive.


The best thing about Northwestern College is the close community. There are endless opportunities to get involved and to develop close friendships with people on and off campus. There are an incredible amount activities to become involved in despite the fact that there is a relatively small student body.


The best thing about Northwestern College is that there is a very strong sence of community in the College, dorms, classrooms and in Orange City. While touring the school they said that the college community is really tight knit and it sounded so cheezy, but after living in the dorms I agree with the cliche quote one hundred percent! All the staff, Profesors, resident assistants and classmates are all amazing people that truly want the best for me as an individual, I am not just a number in the crowd but some one people really care about.


The best thing about this school is the sense of community between the students and the professors here. It is unbelievably strong- the bonds are developed between students early on during freshman year and only grow stronger as the semesters continue. The faculty truly embrace each student and offer their help, assistance, input, and advice freely and openly. All in all, the campus community here is truly familial. I feel at home here, I feel welcomed, and I am sure that most, if not all students, feel the same way.


The best thing about this school is that, though it may not be the best place to be anything other than a conservative christian type, a lot of the professors -- at least in the history, psychology, art, and theatre departments -- are good to talk to about views that differ from the norm...politically, religiously, and in reference to sexuality.


I love the fact that NWC integrates faith and learning and that I am able to openly express my faith and discuss it in class. I really love the campus and the community and the people who invest in our lives!


I consider the best thing about Northwestern College is it's size. It is small enough that most of your professors know you, and big enough where you can have a large network of friends.