Northwestern Michigan College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Northwestern Michigan College is afforable for everyone.


Just the right size, quiet and cozey, willing to help students.


The library is my second home; the books, a second family. The classroom experience is small and personal, with an added ingredient of teachers, members in their fields. The community tends to be a bit cliquey, but finding your niche is an adventure. Students are friendly, when you can relate to them. Uncertain of what the NMC experience would be like as a residential, freshman, any place can be scary, but inviting; it depends on your outlook and how you go about achieving what you set out to do.


Kansas City Art Institute is a school of art that is very strick, and intensive in the subjects and art forms that are taught , giving the students a wonderful work ethic and immense knowledge when introduced to the professional world.


A learning environment designed to give students hands on experience in what they are interested in, allow them the chance to explore different paths of education to best fit their needs, and provide assistance in both attaining your educational goals and furthering your education elsewhere.


I actually go to Davenport University, but the extention is here in Traverse City.