Northwestern Michigan College Top Questions

Describe the students at Northwestern Michigan College.


They are all older aged men who already have some experience in the field.


My classmates are amazing we love to communicate with each other and we all put in team effort when working together making class enojoyable and academic.


My classmates seem to be energetic and eager to learn.


Stick to themselves, little clicks, hard to get out of their shell.


They are all friendly and cordial. They are always willing to help with homework or hold the door when I needed help moving into the dorms. They respect the quiet rules and allow for plenty of studying.


I am older than most of the students in my class, so many of them to me seem young and naive. Some are great students and I feel will go far in this program, others are very whiny and seem to want everyone to make it easier for them. I enjoy my school immensly and in that, I enjoy the social side of the classes as well as learning. I learn a lot from my fellow students and am excited to get to know more of them. As long as they do not whine too much!


My classmates are all cybermates - my classes are online!


Most people are very friendly. There is a wide age diversity at this school, although not much racial diversity (mostly white people).


Most of my classmates are just average kids, trying to better themselves in a very tough economic world.


My classmates are all very diverse.