Northwestern Michigan College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Very friendly, as much help as you could possibly need. Enrollment was super easy and the on site FREE tutors are fantastic.


The professors are amazing because every semester, you get to review them. When you put effort in, you see results. However, I would warn you to stay away from the dorms if it is in anyway possible. The current head of resident life let a girl stay there after threatening to slit the throats of 3 other girls and refused to kick out my roommate who didnt shower and is prejudice against people with tattoos. He also refused to do anything when I woke up to a stranger in my room in my room. They were allowed to just leave with not so much as a scolding. They will also use things that were settled months ago to harrass and kick students out if they feel like it. I actually became suicidal and developed depression because of my stay there. also the showers are impossibly small.