Northwestern Michigan College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing at my school is our math department because the department determines math grades on just test and on exams regardless of hwo much work a student puts into the class.


This is the first time I am attending NMC as one of their students. In the past, I've attended to obtain classes for my degrees at a different school. For a small community, I find NMC to be very personal and adventurous in their fields of study choices like Water Studies, Culinary and Cultural Anthropology. NMC offers educational programs that you really can't get anywhere else. I think the downfall in a small community is a lack of diversity; but what they lack in diversity, they make up in culture.


Hours and availability of some services.


Attending community college at NMC has been seriously so amazing but there is little to no social life at the school. It is up to the individual to make friends and even that, this has its difficulties because many of the students who attend here, are looking to just get the credit out of the way and carry on but if dedicated, it is possible to make friends. It would be really ideal if the school would put on more outtings for people or create more interest-based clubs.


The most frustrating thing about Northwestern Michigan College would have to be the parking situation. Because the enrollment has increased drastically these past two semesters, there has not been sufficient parking to hold these new-comers. So there are way more people than there are parking spaces, and the college is not taking the right approach to solving the problem.