Northwestern Oklahoma State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Their student center only has two eating places with in and a cafeteria by the dorms. Most students waste their meals plans as they do not have time to wait in line.


Alcohol is the worst thing about Northwestern. I absolutely love my school, however alcohol tends to be how most people bond with each other. It is a very big part of the social life in Alva which makes it difficult for those of us who do not drink to get involved with the social activites. It is isn't forced but it is considered "the norm." I have not been hounded to drink or felt pressured to drink by others, they respect my decision and it is nice being able to hang out and give rides.


There is nothing to do outside of campus activities. There are not many off campus places to go or things to do. BUT, there are many things to do on campus, such as, clubs, organizations, dorm activities, and many games to attend. You will not easily get bored on campus with all of the people and activities to participate in.


One building, Jesse Dunn, was built during the Depression. The university paid workers per step on the staircases to help the workers keep jobs, therefore there and many staircase that lead nowhere and to get to most classroom you have to go up and down many stairs. It's VERY easy to get lost.


Some buildings need to be updated.