Northwestern Oklahoma State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to put in the extra work in highschool and finish with a 4.0 GPA. I would also tell myself it is important to apply for any and all scholarships that you can. Also, to get involved in as many organizations as you can, when are young because they can come back to help you in the end. If you do not want to lose your social life then get your friends involved in some organizations and help them prepare for college. Also, do not sweat it you will make the friends of a life time at college, be yourself try your best and the people you will meet will be as hard working and goal oriented as you are. Try and get to know all your teachers in college and get to know your community well, get involved, that will not only help you get through college, but help you with finding a job once you have succeeded. Lastly, above all else DO NOT sweat the small stuff everything will turn out okay in the end, have fun and enjoy your experience in college.


Don't overload yourself with activities! There is plenty of stuff going on without you trying to participate in every extra-curriccular activity on campus. Leave some times for friends. Also, consider every aspect of what you will have to do in a career before deciding for sure on that major.


If I could go back and tell myself about college I would. I would tell high school senior me that its not that bad. You start out not knowing many people and not really sure how the schedule works. Big deal. You are a resourceful and adapting person, you will do fine. I would tell myself to give it time, even though you don't know many people you will in a short while. I would also tell myself not to trust everyone, even if they seam nice, they may not be the person they present themselves to be. I would tell myself that you will meet some great people, maybe even the guy your going to spend the rest of your life with. I would tell myself that it'll all work out and to just enjoy the ride.


It has been wonderful to return to the academic community after many years away-- I had forgotten what it was like to be surrounded by people who are interested in and appreciative of learning and growing. My college experience has been challenging for me and simultaneously fulfilling on a level that I would never have experienced if I hadn't stepped out of my comfort zone and taken the chance to explore higher education as an older nontraditional student. As an E-Commerce major with a Computer Science minor, I have also learned some pretty nifty and useful things to aid in marketing my fine art, increasing my available skills in web design and development, and programming in languages that I may even continue on with toward an additional degree in Computer Science if I am able.


My college experience has been life-changing. As a recently divorced single mom, I desired a better life for myself. I easily could be living off of welfare and the government for the rest of my life, but I wanted better for my daughter and myself. I wanted more. I wanted to be able to stand on my own two feet, and not be a victim of my circumstances, of my abusive and cheating ex-husband. I wanted ro rise above the path that was chosen for me, and choose my own destiny. Going back to school gave me a purpose, a hope, a future that I thought for many years I would never have. I am so blessed to be able to have a life for myself by attending college. Money is tight right now, but the hope and the life that I have now is far greater than the things I do not have. College and this opportunity is changing my life, but more importantly, the life of my daughter. I hope she sees through my choice to attend school that regardless of what life hands you, you can choose to overcome.


I have made friends, and am making my dream come true. My college is great, and is getting better. NWOSU feels like home, and I will be sad to have to transfer in two years. Yet, while I am here, I'll make it the best.


My college experience has been one of much growth and realization that no matter what my plan is for my life, if it does not follow along with what God has planned for me I will only be making things more difficult for myself. Even though I did not originally want to attend Northwestern I ended up in Alva anyway, which turned out to be the best place for me at this time in my life. I transferred to NW from Oklahoma State because of my major. Alva has provided a friendly, encouraging, and uplifting environment for me, despite the alcohol that surrounds my campus. God has provided a community for me to grow in that allows Him to share many different types of individuals with me and therefore introduce many new opportunities to share His love. I have also felt His love through the compassionate and obliging characteristics of the faculty and staff. Alva may not an Ivey League school, or the most well-known school, or the number one pick for every student, but it is my home. I would recommend and encourage every high school or transfer student to put NW on the top of the list.


I love attending college because it is preparing me for the future. I am involved in many activities on campus and enjoy getting to know many types of people. I work as an RA in the dorms and help girls get involved and meet new people. I work in the theatre and love supporting the arts! It has helped to be involved on campus and learn about many different kinds of people and how to work with all of them.


I would tell myself that it is easy to skip class. Get into the routine of going to class unless there is no other way. Also do as many essays as possible because in college, from day one, the professors hit you hard with them. Learn to ask for help and to schedule things, it's not as bad as failing. Appreciate homecooked food because there won't be anyone to cook good food for you in college. Also remember, no one is going to baby you in college, you are an adult and it is all on you after you get that diploma.


If I could go back and have a dicussion with my senior self I would tell him to apply for as many scholarships as possible. I slacked off when it came time to apply for them and in hindsight I wish i hadn't. I would also tell my senior self to apply to more than one school. Sure, i may not have gotten in, but I wish I had applied to a big Ivy League College like Harvard, or even Oxford. One thing seniors also dont realize is how much more free time you have in college. I take only morning classes which leaves my afternoons open. Most kids my age will just goof off but I would make sure to tell myself that I needed to get a job and start saving for when I decide to transfer to a bigger university. Basically I would just go back in time and just hit all the main points of college; study hard, don't over load, and just get to know everyone.


College has been the time of my life. If somebody were to tell me different I would call them crazy. College is not just about learning, it is about meeting new people, learning to be responsible and becoming an adult. There is no amount of money somebody can give you for the things you learn in college, whether it be from a professor, coach, or the kid that sits behind you in chemistry class. Not only does college prepare you for life, it is your life. What you do in college will be with you for the rest of your life,whether you like it or not. College is giving you the opportunity to have a superior job, better yet, a better life. Life is not just about making money, and having the material things, life is about happiness, family, friends, and opportunity. And all those things are characteristic of the college life.


Find a college that has the student's interests availible (active theatre, band, sports, research). Meet with some of the faculty in the student's major field. Attend any connection days that allow high school seniors to tour the campus.


Make sure the college you choose fits your personality. Also, choose a school that will cater to your needs and career goals.


Pick the one you're sure you want to go to.


Choose what is most comfortable to you. If you enjoy being close to home choose a college that you can commute back and forth to easily. I moved an hour and a half away my first year and I had a blast but I didn't realize how much I missed my family until I was gone. I decided to move twenty minutes away and I lke it a lot more plus all af the students here are country kids jsut like me. Live in the dorms atleast one year, it's so easy to meet people that way it may take a few weeks but you'll get to know most of the people on your hall eventually. I wish I would have lived in the dorms when I moved last fall, I lived in the dorms as a freshman but when I transfered schools I got my own place. It is a lot harder to meet and stay in touch with people when you don't run into them every other day.


I would advise parents and /or students when looking for the right college to attend to check to see if the school campus provides security, activities, cafateria, library access, and academic success. I believe with all of the areas mentioned, students will get the most out of their college career.