Northwestern State University of Louisiana Top Questions

Describe how Northwestern State University of Louisiana looks to someone who's never seen it.


Northwestern State is the perfect-sized campus with a lot to get involved in.


I went to Northwestern State University nursing school and all of the nursing professors are extremely helpful and willing to do whatever it takes for their students to learn what they are teaching.


Northwerstern is a mid-size school, that has a beautiful campus.


Northwestern State University is exciting, open and a good college for those who do not like crowed universities.


My school consists of a campus that is both socially and intellectually inviting as well as a helpful faculty that wants to see every student succeed.


nice place faculty varies, teacher to student ratio is awesome!


Northwestern State University is an outstanding school with degrees in all fields, a great environment, and friendly students and faculty located in a great town that has a ton of history behind it.


my school is a very exciting school to learn at because of the friends and professors you will meet.


Northwestern State is a generous, hospitable school in a small city on a "river lake" with lots of culture and a comfortable size student body.


NSU has a beautiful campus, friendly faces, and a very competetive program.