Northwestern State University of Louisiana Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


All the student are in majoring in nursing just like me. There are only a few who are in other majors. Therefore, all of us work together as a team to get through. I don't know what I would do without a few of the students there.


Not much different than high school. Still cliquey.


My classmates are active in learning and their social lives.


My classmates in my field of study, Criminal Justice, are very helpful in all different ways from study groups to personal study help in and out of the classroom while they are also paying close attention to the lectures needed.


I'm in the Scholars' program, so there are a bunch of nerds, but I love it. They challenge me to do and be the best I can. Most of them havebig professional goals, so they keep things competitive.


Crazy, the classmates that i interact with on a regular basis are very caring, and always wanting to help eachother get by in the world.


My classmates were usually an athlete or in a frat/sority. More generally they were small town people.


My classmates are a easygoing bunch with great attitutes and wonderful personalities.


Majority of my assmates are very friendly and always willing to help if you need it.


They are very dedicated in getting their education.


my classmates are very helpful and friendly all the time.


I had very diverse group of classmates but every one that I interacted with were very eager to learn and the older students were always willing to help if they had already taken a class I was taking at the time.


There are intellectual and very open minded and are always prepared to learn.


Most of my classmates are culturally diverse.