Northwestern State University of Louisiana Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The school's town is the oldest in Louisiana and has a rich history of the classic haunted plantation cliche.


I think Northwestern is best know for it's academics, school-student involvement, and the city that it is in. Natchitoches has a massive Christmas festival every year that people from all over the south come to. Opening weekend of this year's festival, there were 250,000 people in this small town. The Natchitoches-Northwestern relationship is strong and will remain that way always.


my school is best known for the nursing program


The Creative and performing arts


Nursing program


Being a liberal college, it's a very welcoming place for any traditional or non traditional student. Their are many differnt majors to choose from and many clubs to join. They also have a Creole studies program. NSULA best known for being a historic liberal arts college. They also offer whole degree programs online.The city it's located in has many plantation homes and is abeautiful historical town.


The Louisiana Scholars' College is best known for a mix of both positive and negative stereotypes. They are considered both very intelligent and pretentious; like they are so intelligent they look down upon regular NSU students. They are also known for hard work and in some negative cases narrow-mindedness. NSU is best known perhaps for its music, theater, nursing, and art programs; all are incredible programs that will aide students greatly later in life.


Our nursing and education schools.


My school was originally established as a school for training teachers. Now my school is known for its education programs, its nursing programs, and its business programs. It is also highly known for its musical and theatrical programs.


History, It is located in the Oldest Town of the Louisiana Purchase. Also the town is where the film Steal Magnolias was filmed. There is a great deal of culture and history at our school.


NSU is known for its areas of nursing and physcology. The Crew/Rowing team is also nationally known. For the Louisiana Scholars' College, students are known for their work in research along with the professors, and successes in internships. NSU is also a part of the ISEP program, in which students have the ability to study abroad at the price it costs to attend NSU.


small classes, nursing, education, and the Creative and performing arts department