Northwestern State University of Louisiana Top Questions

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You are much more free to be yourself and that allows you to conect with people who share similiar views and interests.


Compared to the other schools that I had applied to, I believe I chose Northwestern State University because it offered me a calm and peaceful atmosphere the second I had arrived on campus for my first tour. The tons of school spirit and dedication to academics and activities makes Northwestern State University Unique to me because the students are pushed to succeed.


The professors are very helpful and are there when students need them. The staff is friendly and helpful. The overall rating of this school is wonderful.


What's unique about my school is that they treat every student as if we were their family. NSU helps every student who needs help, they want to see each one of the students succeed in their intended major. NSU is not only a place to learn but it's a lace where someone can have fun, be at home, and is always welcome. No professor there turns their back on any student, they are there to help.


What is unique about Northwestern State University of Louisiana is that the students and faculity are close in communication so that if a student has a problem or needs help on something, the faculity, including the dean, are there for support. Along with that Natchitoches is a college town, so the community is there for the students and help with anything the school needs! Great family support!


What makes it so unique is that when you request anything, they get it to you as soon as possible. Also, they have a nice campus, faculty, students, and the programs are great.


What is so different and unique about Northwwestern is the different aspestc of history it brings to the community. The school itself was established on traditions. There is even a legend of a ghost of a French maiden that resides. Her name is Isabella and legend says eventhoug hshe had several suitors her favorite was intended to marry her but days before the wedding he was in a duel to the death over another woman. Heartbroken she joined a nunery that is now a building on campus , unfortunately she committed suicide and still resides in a building to this day.


The unique thing about Northwestern is that is is quite. Alot of colleges in my area are busy,theres always something going on, but at Northwestern there is not alot to be busy about. We have a lake on campus that is a great study spot. But another unique thing would be the traditions that natchitoches people and northwestern students keep. How things that happened centuries ago are retaught each year to students to learn about there campus and how alot of stories about the campus are still used as ties between the students and alumni.


Northwestern State University is the perfect choice for college. The campus is not that big, and the teachers have more one on one time with the students than most of the other colleges. The professors are able to get to know their students. Northwestern State University offers sveral different degrees. Everybody can find something they want to do.


Northwestern State was the first college I considered, but after browsing I did find others. The one unique quality I found the most interesting was the emphasis on sports at this college.


online bachelor of science degree-psychology , which is not really offered online @ typical accredited university.


There's a bigger student population than other schools, but it still has a vibe of closeness between students and professors.


It is closer to home, offers a great nursing program, and is a comfortable school to live in.


It is a major music school and has one of the best marching bands in the nation.


Northwestern State University (NSU) is in Natchitoches, Louisiana which is the largest settlement of the Louisiana Purchase. There is so much history in this small town mixed with modern technologies surrounding the campus. Also, at NSU, the classrooms are not over packed with people, so that each student has a more personal relationship with the teachers and not just a name or number.


Northwestern State has one of the best buisness programs in Louisiana.


We were the only school to have a Vet Tech program when I started. Since that was what I wanted to major in it was a plus for the school.