Northwestern State University of Louisiana Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


What i consider to be the worst thing about my school is that they require you to live on campus for the whole first year. It really isn't that conveinent because it is extremely costly, and in many situations you have to live with a room mate, which tends to get annoying. That is what i would consider the worst thing about this school.


I absolutely love my school, but the hardest thing for me is the first couple of weeks. During the first couple of weeks I am required to have all of my books for classes. Financial Aid is great to have, but it does not come close to covering all of my expenses. Every semester, at the beginning of school, I try to find a way to earn money to afford my books and other supplies that is needed for my attendance ant Northwestern State University. I cannot complain academically about my school, because the professors are always there when needed.


no shuttle buses. not everyone has transportation.


The high cost of living on campus, and overrated meal plans.


Many of the facilities are run down, old and not taken well care of.


Sometimes dealing with financial aid and the business department can be a nightmare. They are always losing things. I had to have my transcript sent 5 times.


I truly dont believe I have something thats just bad. Luckily, I have a car, but for those that dont, they may have to walk to other place like clothing places, wal-mart, or other stores, but not to far. Basically one big circle.


if you dont drink or smoke very much theres not really much to do around here.


The parking availability would have to be my least favorite thing about campus, but I've learned to plan my classes well now, so now it is not that bad after all. You just cannot be late!


The Financial Aid counseling is absolutely atrocious. The Ladies that work in the office are generally incompetent, ignorant, and VERY rude. I hear about way too many people who are being put through so much greif because of office screw ups, not receiving their aid. As far as this goes they tend to show favorites.


everything fine