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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Increase your study habits and don't treat it like high school. Make wise financial choices until you get a job. Get close to people with goals and determination. Don't waste time doing things that won't benefit you or make you happy in the long run. Finally, stay safe.


In truth, I do believe my senior year of high school went by too quickly. I was afraid of leaving home and not being around my mother, who supports and loves me unconditionally twenty-four/seven, everyday. When I first toured Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana, I was nervous at first, but the welcoming environment I had encountured when I had arrived quickly dimmed my fears. Now that I am a sophmore at the university, I have learned that leaving home and everything you know may be scary at first, but I know that I can always return to my home to visit. Making the transition to college from high school is a life changing experience and one that I believe is very enjoyable. With this transition, I have managed to make connections with people from different parts of the country by building life long friendships. In conclusion, if I had the chance to go back and talk to my high school self, I would tell myself , "Do not be afraid of change because everything will be okay. Just stay true to yourself."


One of the things that people tell you all the time is that college is a completely different creature from high school. That, at least, is certainly true, but what they don't tell you is exactly how. Your entire life will be thrown into the air - if you were the nerdy kid who was bullied in high school, no one else knows that. If you were the jock who everyone loved in high school, no one cares in college. You are who you make of yourself, so if you want to abuse your newfound freedom to do nothing but sit in the dorm and play video games, that's fine; people will treat you as the person you pretend to be. If you're friendly and talk to people, they'll happily talk back, especially because their lives are just as upended as yours. Finally, remember that your professors are people, just like you. While they might be tired of new freshmen, if you introduce yourself to them during their office hours, and if you are persistent with talking with them individually on a weekly basis, they will be far happier to help you than they would be otherwise.


If I was a high school senior and getting ready to attend college there would be a lot of advice I would give myself. I would save more money to make sure I could make most of the ends meet and also have some spending money left over. I would focus all of my attention on campus life and get out to make more friends. I would be more involved in campus life such as various activities, sports, and organizations. I would allow myself a little free time in between classwork and always include myself in functions around the campus. There are so many things that I would tell myself, but above are just a few.


My #1 change would be I would not spend so much money applying to colleges. Instead I would have saved the money and just planned on going to junior college getting my general studies done, which is what I ended up doing. My parents spent a good $3,500 on applications and SAT preparation, which I didn't really need. I think everyone just gets caught up in applying to school and SAT scores, and in the end, it didn't really matter for me. You will still get into a good four-year school without SAT preparation or even the highest scores if you attend a junior college. I believe the application process is just a way for schools to make money when you consider the majority of the applicants do not get accepted. Also, instead of trying to be involved in everything in high school, I would concentrate on just one or two things. I was involved in everything ASB, AP classes, theater, cheer, choir, NCL and in the end it really didn't make a difference. So do what interests you without thinking this will look good on an application because it probably won't matter anyway.


The advice I would give myself if I were able to go back in time is nothing. I know you may be thinking why. Well, everything that I was expecting college to be was it. As a senior, I was happy to attend college and go into that next stage of life. I wouldn't go back into time because the way college turned out to be for me is the way GOD wanted it to specially for me. I was prepared to learn, to party, and make new friends. The college life is fun and a very good learning experience; literally.


I would warn myself to take college seriously, to do the absolute best that I could academically, and to hang in there because four years passes a lot faster than I could ever imagine. I would advise myself to take advantage of any scholarships possible and to have confidence in myself. I did the complete opposite when I entered college six years ago. I was not confident and did not realize the potential that I had. I dropped out of college and went to work full time. Along the way I had a son and quickly realized how essential an education would be in providing him with the life he deserves. I am a full time nursing student and have raised my grade point average significantly since the first time. I know that my college journey would have been much easier if I would have finished school the first time. I would not have to juggle school, work and a child but I do believe that my son is the motivation that I did not have back then. If I could do it all over again I would take school seriously and receive my degree before I had children.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would push myself more than I did. I would have told myself to apply for all the scholarships available to me. Along with that I would have left my little city and attended one of the many great universities I got accepted to. I would tell myself to be more responsible and independent because that's all college is about. In college you don't have the teachers reminding you what is due and extending the deadlines, instead you're all on your own and it is up to you if you want to succeed. You must have the want and drive to succeed, because you are now in the real world. You can either climb your way up or fall straight down.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transitions, honestly, I would tell myself to first of all, listen to mom! She knows best! Second, even though you didn't have to study in high school, it is not that easy in college! You have to do the homework with out mom telling you too. You have to study without someone forcing you too. Also, just because you are sheltered by mom and you couldn't do whatever you wanted, when you get to college and get out in the real world, YOU have the choice of what you will do with your time. Going out to bars and clubs isn't all that great anyway. Getting you degree and getting a great job is what means the most! You are on your own in college!


First of all, I would tell myself that college is nothing like high school. When you come to college, you gain complete freedom. This can be good and bad. You do what you want, but you have to find that perfect balance. You cannot be so concerned with grades and have no social life. College is all about finding that perfect balance.


Knowing what I know now, looking back there is much I wish I would have known. The most important thing I would look back and tell my self is to get out there and active. If you are undecided about a major take all your general education cources while taking one entro cource to each of the major you are interested in and see which one grabs you. School is number one and should always come first. I would highly suguest not worrying about money and getting a full time job because as soon as you start making money that becomes your prority not school. Reach out to all the department within the school. You will have to do all the leg work for information and knowleges of what you willl need to do to complete your degree. I will highly recomand taking a workshop on how to fund your schooling. School should be fun but not to much fun. School is much eariers if you keep to a schedule and do not put work off. Respect the oportunity of being able to go to college, even if you have to work harder for it. You will thank youself later.


I got in a major car accident senior year that put me in the hospital for 6 days and out of commision for 8 months. I would start off my advice giving by telling myself to learn to drive better as I got in another major accident my first year of college. Secondly, I would tell myself that any girl named Brooke was bad news and not to date her. She causes you to do things that you would regret for many reasons. Third, I would tell myself to never skip class, for any reason other than extreme illness. Extra sleep is not worth it. Stay on top of your studies or you will regret it and be making up ground the rest of college. Lastyly, I would tell myself to listen to the Lord in all my decision making. Where I would go to college, where i would major in, and who I would hang out with. Really dig into the word your last year of high school, cause its hard to live a Christian lifestyle without strong roots. But then again, everything happens for a reason, so maybe I'd just say, "Goodluck, and keep your head up."


Breathe. This would be the first thing I would tell myself. To remember to breathe; to take it all in, roll it around in your mind, and let it out. Your going to get overwhelmed. You may think your not going to feel lonely. You will at the beginning, but know that it doesn't last forever. If you skip class, it will come back and bite you in the butt. DON'T SKIP CLASS. They are not joking when they say if you miss class you miss important iformation that you can't make up. Sit in the front row, you will thank me later. Make a friend in each class, just in case you do miss, you'll have a way of getting assignments. Don't waste your meal plan, your paying for it, might as well use it. Stay far away from alcohol at all costs, its not even worth being around. Get involved on campus, its a great way to make friends and staying an active student is just fun. Above all else though, remember and never forget, breathe.


Follow your inner spirit. Do not follow the beaten path. No matter what the reason, do what you truly want and not what anyone else feels is best. Never second guess yourself, in any decision. Make realistic long term plans, and be willing to adapt. There is no such thing as a mistake when you know you've given your absolute all. Can't experience worthy success without trials and tribulations. After graduating this summer with a bachelor's, yet still unemployed in the medical field, has changed my entire outlook. Sometimes you have to do something less practical to have true self-satisfaction!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, there are so many things I would tell myself. I think it would go something like this: "Chrissy, it's ok to follow in your big sister's footsteps, you don't always have to do things differently, you can go to a community college first and live at home for a while. Listen to the people around you, do you really think you are responsible enough to move away from home and go to a four year university? Yes, of it will be fun and you will have lots of freedom, but won't you miss your family? No matter who is trying to get you to go out, make sure all your homework is done and GO TO CLASS! Check your major Chrissy, make sure accounting is for you, just because you are good at math does not mean you should be an accountant, do something you will love, even if it means not making as much money. Keep yourself organized, you're good at that, and make sure you try your hardest, no matter what the assignment is!"


I would tell myself to continue on with my education right out of High School instead of working for 4 years and then going to college. I would tell myself that college is not out of my reach because of financial hardships; that there is help available.


Put as much effort as you can into your studies in any field. You might think you’re not going to use that knowledge in your life after high school, but you actually do. The studies you acquire in college are designed to be built on the knowledge you have acquired in high school. Also, the process of learning gives you not only the knowledge but also the wisdom. It trains you how to think logically, set goals clearly, and gives you the power to be patient and never give up till you accomplish the goal you set. You will know how much your parents have done for you when you leave home and study in the college far from home. Instead of using harsh words, or not being nice to your parents, tell you love and appreciation BY WORDS and ACTIONS because they may not notice until you actually express it. It is not too late starting that after you left home, but much better if you start it when you are with them.


The advice that I would give myself would be to always stay up to date with the current pre-requisites. Pre-requisites, especially for nursing school, are continually changing from semester to semester. In order to avoid taking the wrong classes, I would advise myself to establish a good rapport with my academic advisor. The academic advisor acts as the liaison between yourself and the nursing school in most cases, therefore their information is the most up to date. I would also advise myself to not take out any private loans. The private education lenders are definitely looking for prey to feed upon that will sign that $10,000 loan with ridiculous interest and fees. Instead of making the mistake of taking that easy private loan, I would advise myself to look for scholarships instead.


If I could go back, I would tell myself to not rush my year away because the people I have with all of my life, I will most likely not see 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of them again. Next, I would say that college is totally different than highschool in which the way one has to study. Study habits were one of the biggest changes because you do not go to the same classes everyday in college; certain classes are only on certain days. I would tell myself to learn how to make a planner. The biggest thing about not going to the same classes everyday is you may forget what you did on Monday because you did something totally different on Tuesday. I think for the most part a person has to get use to going without. I am fortunate to have what I have, but college is expensive and it really begins to hit home when you find out your parents are doing without so that you can have. Money is tight, so you have to spend wisely. You must prioritize your needs and wants and even your time. Have fun, make memories, and remember it all because time flies.


I would tell myself that its okay not to take all honors classes, and to get involved in as many things as possible ahead of time, so that the transition is easier. I would also tell myself that I need to room with someone else that isn't the roommate I have now. or better yet, that me and my roommate don't have to be best friends.


I have learned what it takes to survive in the field that I have chosen, and if anything be the most important, it would be that I have learned to persevere through anything, even if the state of Louisiana decides to cut almost three quarters of the money for higher education.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. I learned new things that can help people make their life easier. For me to attend college allowed me to continue my education, to pursue the career i want and to work towards my education goals. I love to learn and the best way is certainly through a college. College helps build skills that are needed to put me out into the world into a great paying job that can help me and other people. Everyone i will be interacting with will be affected with positive results through the college i have learned my skills from. I love to learn and help people and thats what i plan to do just by going to college.


I am not currently enrolled in college but need to attend.


I have gotten a new experience of the world, it's like in college you feel more responsible, mature, and independent. College brings lots of fun and different experiences that you can't get anywhere else. It has been valuable to attend because I have been able to recieve valuable life-lessons from it.


I have enjoyed learning from professors that consider it a joy to teach others about their passions in life. I love that you can see the excitement in their faces when philosophy majors describe their thoughts as it pertains to Plato’s "Republic". I have taken a new approach to life, and how I see other people around me. I can now fully appreciate and respect the religions, humorous nature, and thoughts of my fellow classmates. I find it fascinating, that I learn just as much from my peers as I do from my professors. The experiences and the overwhelming knowledge I have received, make it all the worthwhile to attend this college. A school that encourages the discussion of literary works like “The Aeneid” over pizza in the cafeteria is truly an enriching educational institution.


I have gotten out of my college experience a sense of gratification and self reliance. I am the first of my family to attend college so it is important to me to succeed in my college experience. By being able to attend college as a traditional student I have fulfilled one of my dreams. While in school I am consistently learning more and more about who I am as a person as well as a student. Being able to attend college I have grown exponentially as a person. I have learned that it is OK to be me and I have opened up a lot . I used to be quite shy but now while going to school I am opening up more. College has been a wonderful experience so far and I look forward to the rest of my journey.


I have gotten very important skills out of my college experience. Before I started college here, I use to be extremely shy and not say a word to anyone. However, during my time here I have overcome my fear of speaking and interacting with other people. College has taught me the importance of talking to other people. For example, if you need directions with how to get somewhere, you need to ask someone. Also, if you need help in class with an assignment, then you need to be social enough to ask a classmate or the professor. In addition to that, you also need to talk to other students around campus so you can make some friends in order to avoid the feeling of loneliness. It has been extremely valuable for me to attend this college because now I know not to be afraid to talk to other people. Now I am not afraid to make new friends or just talk to complete strangers if it will helpful to me.


My college career started out rough, because I was at the wrong university. After a year, I transferred to Northwestern State University, and thats where my college career began. I was instantly treated on a personal basis by all of my professors, and it felt weird for them to care about my success. I am now about to graduate, and throughout these last 3.5 years, I have learned that being in the right college is the most important factor. This university is vey "hands on" and it makes the learning experience so much more interesting and fun. I have also had the opportunity of doing an internship that paralleled my studies. The intern position gave me valuable insight to how companies take individuals, and put them together as a single team. I also was able to see the type of career that I would be able to have after my graduation. Hard work, honesty, and a hands on learning experience can take you a long way, and really help making the learning process fun.


The experience I've gotten out of college is just like everyone elses; friends and new understanding and independence. Its valuable to me because I can say once I leave i'll be able to say that I can look back and say that I learn more about myself than I did if I didn't try college


What i have gotten out of my experience so far in college is the most dramtic change from high school. College has help me realize that anything i could put my mind to i can do and failure is not a option. I've learn that studying actually does work and it helps you so much more than rushing over your notes before your test. I also learned to manage my time better and responsibilties such as instead of going to the best party of the year and studying instead. So far my college experience has taught me alot about the future of the real world and i look foward to more lessons learn while attending college.


Out of my college experience, I have learned the value of friendship, hard work, and time management. I give most credit to playing Division I soccer here at Northwestern. Friends come and go throughout your life, but having friends that have gone through the same things you are having to do, can create a lasting relationship. These friends go thoguh dealing with school on the road, drama with teammates, and stresses of life. They have been there like your family away from home. I have learned to not give up when something gets tough, you simply have to keep going and try again only giving everyting you do nothing less than 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. Having played soccer at this high level, you must stay on top of your academics and have a good communication with teachers. This is all about timemanagement, juggling soccer, school, and social life. I have found that through my experience at Northwestern State; friendship, hard work and time magagement have made the biggest impact on my life.


Many people would tell themselves to work harder on your grades or I need to do better on my ACT or PSAT. But if I could back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to come out of my shell. I have learned that meeting people while you are in college is very important . I wish I would have know this sooner because I would have appreciated the oppurtunity to talk to people and become a leader and participate in campus activies . All this to me now is time I missed out on when I could have been networking with people creating ties to people who I will be able to go back to whenI need something. being who you are is great aslong as someone else knows you,and nobody knew who i was in high school but now that I have learned to step up and speak I have networked with people I thought would never talk to me. Friends that I know will be around throughout the rest of my career.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself not to stress about the little things in life. I would tell myself to do better my freshman year, and not to slack off. Slacking off one year is going to bring your GPA down, and it will be very difficult to bring it up. I would tell myself to save as much money as I can, and to apply for every scholarship that I could because every little bit of money helps. School is not cheap, and focusing on education is the best policy.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life I would tell myself that you would need to be aware of all of your financial aid options. That contrary to what you have heard so far about college life from friends, it is not a joke and all about having a good time. Studying would need to be your top priority and you will have to be careful of who you befriend. Friends have alot of influence on you and it would be for the best if knew how to say no when they could encourage you to forego your work to have fun. I would also tell myself that being on time for classes and for test days is very important because some teachers will not let you in if late. And that college can be a great place and bad place at the same time, it can be your best or worst experience, it will be whatever you choose to make it. Just to remember that its still school and is one the most important stepping stones in your future.


I would tell myself to try as hard as I can to get many scholarships because paying for college is a heavy burden especially if you do not know where you are going to get the money to do so. I would tell my self to do the best that I can on my ACT so that I can have someone pay for my schooling. I would tell myself what I tell myself now and that is to never give up because blessings will always come my way!


If I were to go back in time with the knowledge I have gained from the one and half years at Northwestern State University, I would simply advise myself to take more classes, step out of my comfort zone and try alot harder to make a 4.0 gpa.


If I could go back as a high school senior and talk to myself, I would tell myself to apply for every scholarship that is available to me and do not be afraid of rejection. I would have more confidence in myself and believe that i can accomplish anything. I would take every piece of advice that a teacher has for me about my studies and how to manage my time. I would start learning how to budget and save as much money as possible. Being an only child is hard, so I would try to spend more time away from my parents to learn independence, because being so far away can be hard to deal with sometimes. The most important thing that I would warn myself about is to take my time growing up, and do not rush my high school experience, because it is by far the best year of high school.


Assuming that I, Megan McDaniel could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, there would be plenty of advice to give myself. As a high school senior, i often wondered what college would be like. Would I get to college and decide that it is not for me? Would i choose the wrong friends ? Will I be able to discipline myself and conduct myself according to the values that I grew up with? Most importantly I was worried that i would fail. All of these questions made me nervous . "Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure." I realized that the only thing i had to fear was fear itself. So if i could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would say, "Megan, relax college is great. You have nothing to worry about. Continue to be yourself you will make great friends. Don't forget your values. Study as hard as you can but not too much that u over work yourself and go blank on the tests. Everything will be fine just relax."


First things first, have your financial aid in order. From personal experience, having loans and paying out of pocket is no fun. Not having your financial aid in order can affect you in so many ways including the prevention of not being able to schedule your classes for nect semester. I t is in your best interest to allow yourself time to work with your parents to get as much financial aid as possible. Another thing is staying in touch with your advisors and professors. They can help you in ways you wouldnt even imagine. Having a relationship with them can make your school career so much easier. It is very important to concentrate on all classes. Business the pleasure. In this case, school us your business. You don't want the money you spend on school to go to waste. All in all stay focused.


I would tell myself how important it is to get your education. I would also let myself know that you can have an education and you can have a life while your trying to get that education. You will need to stay on track when it comes to getting the required education for the field you would like to work in. Its going to be hard transitioning from high school life to college life, its going to be more demand and a lot of deadlines that your gonna have to meet all the time. I would also let myself know that its going to be hard, but I know with a little faith and determination that you will be able to achieve everything you want, but you will also get a quality education if you keep your eye on the prize.




If I could say anything to myself in my senior year of high school, I would say that everything changes in college. Although the atmosphere of my classes in college is very similar to the one of my high school classes, which consisted of very small classes and deep discussions, no one is there to make sure that your work gets done. You have to take the reigns of your life and steer it in a direction of self-control. Things will turn out well no matter what, but the transition is a lot easier when you are able to take care of yourself. I know you can do it, so even when things seem to be at their worst, don't worry about it, because everything will turn out fine. You must continue to work hard in high school as you always have and continue to excel in all that you do. Life is going to move on with or without you, so just enjoy the ride while it lasts.


Do not switch schools your senior year. If you just stick out that last semester you will have your school paid for!...


I would say that I need to do exactly the smae things except not to listen to the emergency weather alerts and go to class for the history exam, so I don't almost fail the class and have to take a makeup over the summer. I would tell myself that everything is great in college, but that I will be low on money and become a poor college student, but that i still have fun, love the school, and meet great friends!!!


Learn two things: time management and money management. Save, save, save! Don't let petty things get in the way of learning. Always act like a professional.


I would take more dual enrollment courses to get me a step forward in my college career. I would also start saving my money so that college spending would not be as bad. I would have also registered for classes earlier.


Work-study programs are awesome.


If I were to go back in time knowing what i know now, I would tell myself to research more about my university and other universities. I would tell myself to go visit other places to see how things are different. And if Northwestern State University is the place for me, then get a feel for programs offered at my school because they are ready for me and I should be ready for them. I know people who just are not aware of programs and opportunities presented by my school, myself may be included. Also I would tell myself to work more and stop spending money on everything that I just want. School is way more important and it costs enough to run a family to debt. One last thing I would tell myself is learn not to procrastinate; procrastination can take over and possibly ruin your college career so its better you get rid of it before you start. Thats all, I wish myself the best of luck. P. S. I just have a feeling that you are going to do fine.


Make sure you visit the college before hand and that it fits the students personality otherwise he/she would not feel inclined to get and education


Finding the right college is very important to how they have their college experience. Finding a college with a strong degree program for what you will be majoring in is one of the most important things to consider. Another thing to consider is the environment of the college, as in how friendly staff and students are and how well they communicate with you to make your stay there comfortable. You should go to the colleges you are considering before you make up your mind on where you will be attending. Meet and talk to the teachers in your field of study to see how well you will be treated at that branch of the school. Seeing the kinds of things that you can do outside of going to classes would be a good idea too; you can find out how bored or active you will be when not studying or in class. Students always need a little break from their studies to go out and do something, if it is only to eat or go see a movie.