Northwestern State University of Louisiana Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


In the main campus especially, the professors seem to be worn down and tired. The administration seems to push sports focused programs above all else, and the rest of the campus suffers as a result. While they seem to do their best, they are oftentimes burned out and merely teach a regurgitated powerpoint that they repeat every semester. They aren't used to students coming to them with questions or discussion, and oftentimes are too busy for either. The blame for that could be placed solely on the policies of the administration, as professors are generally too overworked.


Our university just started a new computer system called banner, and it has done nothing but make trouble for all the students and faculty.


The most frustrating aspect of going to Northwestern State University nursing school was the parking. There were several times where I had to park in lots that were clearly marked tresspassing.


The most frustrating thing about Northwestern State University is how there aren't a lot of job opportunites around because of all of the college students, and because it is a small town.


The most frusstrating thing about my school is there timing. Sometimes they tend to wait to late to notify the students on certain things.


I have not had any problems with my school so far, so for me everything is good and fine.


no online tutoring available thru the my school.


Most frustrating thing about school is being accepted for who you are and what you do and not categorized for who you are.


The most frustrating thing about my school is making choices. Making choices about going to parties or doing homework. There are 2-3 parties every weekend. They are so tempting, but you have to do what you got to do.


traffic around here is rediculous. it's a small school but everyone feels like they need to drive everywhere, rather than walk.


The financial aid department is by far the most aggrevating. They are not very helpful at all.


The school is in a town I think is a little small for my taste. There is not a lot to do off-campus in this town.