Northwestern State University of Louisiana Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the welcoming environment Northwestern State Univerity has to offer the best thing about the entire university. With this enviroment comes a sense of home because no one is judged and being your true self is welcomed through out the entire campus.


Once being accepted into the program, the program director as well as majority of the staff were on campus and readily available at any time. Also, the same group of classmates progressed through the program together for an entire two years. This made studying easier and any other questions answered quite quickly.


The fact that it is located in a small town. There aren't as many distractions from schoolwork as there would be in a bigger city.


The best thing about this school is the fact that every gets invovled. Whether its in sports , supporting each other in different factors. It's a warming and inspiring place that encourages everyone to follow and stand out and leave their mark in the school.


The small setting, because it gives you more one on one with your teachers


The best thing about my school is greek life. Northwestern State University's organizations like Student activity's board and Student Government Association ,depend on sororities and fraternities for campus participation with every event that goes on. All greek on campus have been trained into being the entertainment for almost EVERY activity that goes on. If greek will not be present students will not be present. So that make these young women and men very imortant to the campus. They have learned how to conduct themselves in and out of letters and have constanlty been role models to the campus.


The best thing about being a student at Northwestern is that it has something to appeal to everyone. If the student likes quiet time to study, there are great locations for that , as well as, places for students who really enjoy being involved. There is no pressure to do something or be something, aside from just being you. It is a great place for transitioning into an adult, while still having a fun educational experience.


The best thing about my school is the school spirit and how everyone is very welcoming. There is always something to do on campus not involving alcohol and having a dry campus makes being focused on grades a lot easier.


It caters to non-traditional students. If you have a family/children and are attending school, NSU is a great university. They have on-campus housing for married couples or mothers with children. The teachers are extremely understanding and helpful.


The social activities that are available to us as students because it allows us to get out of the classroom and get to know different people on campus. And there are so many different ones to choose from: sororities, fraternities, sports, intermural teams, Student activities board, Student government, service based groups, honor societies, and much more!


Everyone is welcoming and they help you with whatever you need.


The best thing about my school is that everyone is really nice around here, and there is always someone that will help you somehow. The faculty is usually very helpful and they offer a variety of classes so there is something for everyone.


I attend the Lousiana Scholars' College at NSU, and I believe it is a humongous asset. The academics are challenging and create situations where students have to think for themselves, and work in ways that will help them in the future. There are many areas you can study, and even "create your own major" through the Scholars' Core program. I highly suggest LSC for anyone who wants a fun challenge with close knit families like ties. There is also an amazing opportunity for studying abroad with the ISEP program. You shouldn't miss out on something like that!