Northwestern University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Highly stimulating people who are here to learn while trying not to freeze.




Northwestern is a place were you learn a lot about yourself, others and society in a much different way than you'd expect; the division on this campus seems to take you out of the bubble that is Northwestern and make you really think about the social issues it reflects which is something you can't really learn in a classroom.


Our school looks like a wealthy neighborhood. It is quaint, but very busy because it is a college.


Gorgeous Lake Michigan is alongside the whole campus, lined by rocks that have been painted by students over the years, behind the rocks is a grassy mass of land called "the Lakefill" where students do pamphlet-worthy things like play frisbee, study on the grass, suntan, and hang out. The buildings are eclectic, ranging from the uber-modern to really old and kind of gothic. There are nice purple flower populated gardens, lots of trees, very wide pathways and sidewalks--it's a very good-looking school, especially in the sun (not so much in the freezing rain). It's big, but it's not huge.


Our campus is GORGEOUS. As a freshman, I can't tell you what it's like in the spring, but I hear it's beautiful. I can tell you that the fall was amazing. It was too beautiful to stay inside. Incredibly sunny, weather in the 60s, light breezes, and with the was breathtaking.


Northwestern is beautiful. We're right on Lake Michigan, and if you stand on the beach, you can see Chicago. We have lots of trees and purple/fuchsia/lavender flowers on campus, and some really cool Hogwarts-like buildings like Deering Library. Right now we have some construction in the middle of campus, which kind of bites, but it's still really pretty, and Evanston is cute all by itself. We also have a thing for big rocks. Especially if we can paint them or put meaningless plaques on them.


Northwestern is diversity at it's best; a true melting pot of students from all over the world all coming to one place to pursue an education.


Medium-sized, academically rigorous, fast-paced school that will keep you working until late in the night most nights.


Northwestern University gives the opportunity and resources for students to make dreams come true may that be researching under a faculty, starting a business from scratch, going abroad to study, or even creating one's own patent should his/her research come to fruition.


NU is a fanatastic school where individual needs are met, learning is valued, and experience is gained and you enjoy doing it.


A liberal academic and social haven


Perfect, if you like the cold, are serious and focused about your career path, and really determined to make networking connections.


Northwestern University is very academically focused and rather difficult, but at the same time provides opportunities and fun for every kind of person, with its high number of extracurricular activities, concerts, and events.


Building the foundation for a lifetime of achievement - and having some fun while you're at it.


Northwestern University is a prestigious school with lots of activities, and there is a small town to accomidate your needs. They have fantastic faculty, great schools such as Medill, Kellogg, Bienen, etc., and many ways to get involved. There is a lack of a large "sports" presence so social life is not dominated by the cliche "highschool football" social scene. Faternity and sorority life is also not dominant but great ways of meeting new people. The weather is extremely cold during the winter!


Northwestern University is a place where students become well-rounded individuals posessing a basic knowledge of a wide variety of topics while immersing themselves in the best of their chosen fields.


The best part about Northwestern is the incredible drive and foccus of it's students. They run incredible programs. I am on both a Theatre Board, which puts up 5 mainstages a year, and on exec for the Sailing Team and I feel like I'm in an apprenticeship. For me, although classes are great, I am learning way more outside the classroom, just because students are so empowered to do and create and learn whatever they want.


This school is very academically challenging while simulatneously supporting a large artistic population and it is located near Lake Michigan and the city of Chicago.


Rich nerds of the Big Ten


A place that works you really hard but has its advantages outside of the classroom.


Northwestern is a very expensive and very challenging school, but it's a great place if you're looking to surround yourself with driven, ambitious people with broad interests and want to be able to enjoy everything a world-class city has to offer.


The Henry Crown Sports Pavilion (SPAC) has a swimming pool, track, tennis courts, basketball courts, weights and more.


This private beach on North Campus is only open during the warmer months, but kids sneak in all year long.


The outside of Deering Library


The Kellogg School of Management is one of the best graduate business schools in the country.


Deering Meadow is a great place to lie out or toss the football on a sunny afternoon.


This is a Wednesday afternoon in Northwestern’s most popular square. Flanked by three of the university’s busiest halls.


Northwestern is a very special place to exist: students often find what the perfect college they have been searching for here (academically, socially, athletically, emotionally) - often without realizing it was what they wanted in the first place - and consequently build incredible and diverse experiences from the moment they step on campus.


Northwestern University is a school beautfully located on a lake, with driven students, and a removed administration, and professors who are some of the best in the country.


A very unique experience that makes every day worth getting up for