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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


These stereotypes are not all that accurate. Yeah, we do study a lot because of the shorter time we have to take a class, but we also know how to have fun!






No! I know I may be a nerd, but there a lot of people who I would Not classify that way. There aren't that many hot girls either. Greek life is not the only life, I'm in Greek life but I feel like a loser at a theater party (I'm sure other groups have there thing too), but I guess since I can only really think of Theater and the Greek system, it might be more true than I think. I know many a straight guy in the theater department. And I proudly never go to the Deuce on thursday I nights, and I wouldn't go as far to say I'm a loser (I guess thats a stereotype at a lot of colleges though).


I think you have to have something a little above ordinary to go here, but I don't think that's a bad thing. We may have a nerdy streak, but I don't think we're ever intentionally snobby.


Not really, actually. I find that most people wanted to go to NU and are midwestern.


They are true of some students, but not of others.




To some extent, but you'll find different types of people at all colleges.


to be honest, with the exception of about 25% of the northwestern population, i would say it's about right.


Some, but stereotypes can never accurately a group of people




most people are pretty rich, but there is definitely an active social scene if you want to tap into it... a lot of it revolves around Greek life, but also kids in theater and music have their own shit going on all the time




For many people here, sure, but Northwestern is a school that is highly diverse in its personalities. You find that people are generally outgoing, multi-skilled, and have unique quirks. You often find students of science such as engineers and pre-meds who are much less "nerds" than theater and communication majors. Are students career oriented? Absolutely.


To a certain degree, both of these stereotypes are accurate. That's why I dubbed them the most observable stereotypes.


These stereotypes can be accurate; obviously, people who get into NU are intelligent and thus spend a lot of time studying. Furthermore, the time spent studying oftentimes gets in the way of having an involved social life, which makes people less experienced socially, which can make them awkward. The ugliness thing is balderdash


Not completely, there's a wide variety of students at Northwestern that fit a lot of stereotypes.


NU students do a lot of studying, but they also really know how to have fun. The campus doesn't have the BEST looking people, but I don't think it's as bad as the stereotypes claim.


While the studious thing is probably true of everyone around finals week, Northwestern is generally alright socially and definitely more attractive than is let on.


Some of these stereotypes are, sadly, very accurate. Northwestern students have a well-earned reputation for being posh and materialistic, and brand names and money are flaunted like the Nobel Prize. While there are those who do not fit this description, the socially corrosive Northwestern Greek system quickly and convincingly marginalizes anyone whose physical appearance and demeanor do not conform to its bizarrely high school-esque social norms. For instance, a typical lead-in question from a sorority girl will b "What frat are you in?" If she does not get the answer she expects, she walks away, searching for another kid with perhaps a slightly higher social standing, i.e. membership in a more prestigious fraternity. The stereotypical Asians and other students who do not let membership in a group entirely define their personalities and actions are almost forced to their rooms and the library, seeing as those are the only places that the Greek mentality has not sullied.


Actually... yes, some of the time. There are a lot of wealthy kids at the school and A LOT of nerdy ones.




More than half the time


For many people, yes.


I would agree with the stereotype- Northwestern students as a whole are probably some of the most motivated, driven, talented and intelligent people I have ever met.


As I mentioned above, the first few are, but we enjoy fun much more than the stereotype would lead you to believe.


There are certain elements of truth to this, but over all I woul say it is inaccurate.


In alot of the students they are, but there are definitely students that break that mold.


We do more than just study, we know how to have fun.. and we all have our academic struggles


sometimes. yeah. but the girls are attractive.


Somewhat. Many Northwestern students are wealthy... there are lots of people who stress out and try way to hard... and we have very few activism groups/I've never seen a protest of any sorts on campus.


The only stereotypes that I actually believe are accurate are how apathetic we are and the fact that our campus is not politically motivated. We're in the middle of a HUGE election process, and we haven't had any campus debates or anything.


NO! Parties and social events are always happening, you just have to learn where to find them. There are plenty of attractive and amazingly outgoing people. Everyone is pretty smart, but you'll find everyone is smart in different and unqiue ways. Some people are snobby, but you'll find that no matter what school you go to.


Some are and some aren't. I think for the most part students here are work hard, play hard. some people can be a little hard to get out of their shells, but if you have worked so hard in high school to get to a place like NU, i can't blame you for being a little socially awkward. But for the most part, i think people know how to have fun, and how to study.


No no NO! Although a lot of Northwestern students do have a lot of money, most of them are not stuck up or too proud. Also, Northwestern students are hardly competitive at all with each other-- in fact most students LOVE working together for all homework, midterms, final, etc. It is a really friendly environment.




Absolutely. Northwestern is a great place to get an education (probably because most students are hunkered down in their dorms studying when its snowing outside). The student population is also fairly diverse. Everyone is academically driven and most students know how to balance their nerdy side with a bit of fun.


Couldn't be more true about engineers.


somewhat NU students study more than i expected, but some still go out every weekend (me, for example)


I don't think we're really second tier. Maybe. I always have to explain to people where we are. Students are definitely smart, and I've been told about the competitiveness but I haven't experienced it. And this isn't the most attractive university.


Like all stereotypes, they come from some grain of truth. That said none of these are entirely true. Very few preppy people, yea some people come from families with alot if money and some come from low income families. NU is really good with financial aid so thats a possibility. There are a lot of jewish people-but that doesn't really change anything. And yea, theres a bit of nerd in us. After all, you had to have the grades to get in. We joke about how everyone's socially awk, but really people here are pretty chill. As far as guys, atleast you know they're slightly intelligent...


To some extent. Everyone is quite talented and a bit nerdy, but actually leave our rooms and party. We probably don't support our athletic teams as much as we should for a Big Ten school.


I mean, they're true of some people. There are a lot of bitches and a lot of guys who basically get high off of their egos. I'm always amused by the sorority/fraternity caste system... I'll get into that later. And yeah, there are some really awkward people here. So the stereotypes exist, they just aren't true of everyone, I suppose.


Not really--while there are lots of people who are interested in academic success and their classes and work hard there are also plenty of people who party every weekend, like at any university....


From what I can tell, yes. It is especially true for me.


yes for the most part


No. If you want to, you can find all sorts of things to do outside of academics. And we damn well know how to party, just look at Delta Upsilon's 2008 Rush Event "Hardcore Midget Wrestling" that garnered national media attention.


I included in above answer


Most of the time.