Northwestern University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I do not brag about school, I get advice from friends about school, for instance in which direction should I go with a paper regarding poetry and the theme of the poem. I also talk to my friends about what topics I am learning about.


The location is great, in a small city (evanston) but with access to Chicago. Also, the academics and professors are impressive. Finally the opportunities are amazing. The school is a challenge, but surviving the NU workload is a great thing for when going into the business world.


The professors


The amount my school challenges me. There is not a day that I don't find myself working hard to solve a problem in class, or perfect a group project. Everyone in my school's community is so willing and ready to contribute their best to any activity.


The beautiful campus, quality of education, and generally energetic atmosphere.


I tell them about its prestige, and how it offers so many resources to its undergraduates that other schools may not have. It is also located in a wonderful area, and the allumni network is fantastic.


I tend to brag about the great mix of students that Northwestern has. We have students who are smart, athletic, funny, social, and just down right talented. Plus we have a pretty good football team and athletic program overall.


I brag about being on Lake Michigan, being close to Chicago, and my school being ranked 12th in the country.


Should I be bragging about my school? If I did, I would talk about how Northwestern makes it really easier to study in a variety of different fields, so you have a lot of options open from day one. Also, the film and theater programs are really excellent, providing a well rounded approach in lessons, providing hands-on experience while still engaging the academic aspects. The location right next to Chicago is perfect, our internship services are really effective, and it doesn't hurt that Stephen Colbert went here either.


I don't brag, but if I did, it would be about the high level of intellect I'm constantly surrounded by.


The surrounding area including the gorgeous lake/beach and the easy access to the super fun city. Oh, and great shopping!


how amazing the food choices are in evanston!


When I tell friends about my school, I often brag about the opportunities that have opened up to me and the networking possibilities that I have experienced. I am in my fourth year at Northwestern, and yet I feel as though there are so many more opportunities for me to take advantage of before I graduate. Its wonderful that there is so much happening, both on and off campus, for Northwestern students to experience, but it can also be disappointing when you realize you can?t do it all!


That it has a gorgeous campus, it's near Chicago, it's the perfect size, the reputation is phenomenal.


how hard it is.


I don't brag about my school. I don't want to sound pretentious.


Best theater program in the country that isn't a conservatory! As a theater major, there is not a better school that I could be at, considering that I don't just want to be an actor. Also, it's the 12th best school in the country, which gives it a higher rating than Brown, my original first choice, where I did not get in. Has some of the best resources of any univesrity in the country.


The amount of opportunity for students to get involved. There are so many different student-driven groups on campus.


I talk about how great our classes are and how much I get out of them. I also really like my friends that I have become close with at school and feel that I can really relate to them.


The academic rigor and the oportunites available for students to assist on research in a number of departments.


Besides being a reputable academic institution with an enormous endowment, Northwestern has some stunningly beautiful parts of campus, including our two beaches on Lake Michigan.