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I truly love the academics! However, being a minority here is definitely a bit tough since more than 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students are White and more than 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} are Asian. It's a very big shock if you're from a diverse area. Besides that, there's always something to do on campus, i.e. cultural events, guest speakers and musicians (people from Safak Pavey to Snoop Dogg to Matt & Kim). Since Northwestern is a private school, they can afford stuff like that and it's so easy to take advantage of all of it!


Without letting the Hannah Montana title deter you, Northwestern really feels like a small school and a big school, on a campus and in a city. I've been in a class with 6 students and a professor, I've been in lectures with 200 students. You get the benefits of getting to know your professors and the others pursuing your major (especially if you're in Medill or Theatre or Bienen) and the benefits of having tons of courses available, a really big library, and really kickass extra-curriculars because there are so many people. When I was deciding to come here, a current student told me that it's the perfect size because you can walk into a party and know at least a few but still get to meet a lot more people. The campus definitely feels like a university campus, but if you take the effort to really explore Chicago, you can definitely get away from school and immerse yourself in the city's vibrant neighbourhoods.


The school has a huge number of majors and courses available to students. The great thing about the quarter system is that you can complete your required classes and take other classes that interest you - in any discipline.


What I love about Northwestern is that it is such a mixed campus. It's a Big Ten school, so tailgates and purple pride and jeering fans are all typical aspects of game days. It's also an academic institution, so there are a surplus of high ranking speakers coming to campus, prominent professors coming out with cutting-edge research, and students pushing the limits of knowledge and study. There is also a huge mix of students. Our Journalism School is world-renowned, but so is the Theater Program, and the Engineering School. Students across campus have pride in their studies, and in any given friend group there will be an argument about Pre-Meds vs. Humanities majors. There is also a Greek/non-Greek mix. About 40{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of campus goes Greek, and that is a major part of the social atmosphere here, but you can also go to some fun Music parties or Theater parties, or just hang out in non-affiliated friends' apartments. A large number of upperclassmen live off-campus in Evanston, and while this causes some town-gown strife, you do not spend all your time on campus. I frequently visit the library or student center, but I also go to friends' houses off-campus. Everyone in Evanston knows Northwestern and knows Purple Pride. It's a great school because it's not overwhelmingly large, but you still need to find a niche here. Evanston is quaint and relatively safe, though most of our campus controversies relate to the NU-Evanston arguments that ensue from college kids living next to suburban families.


Choosing to attend Northwestern University has been one of, if not THE best life decision I have made in my life thus far. It's everything you want and more: the people are amazing, the academics are challenging and the life style is open to what YOU make of it. Individualism has never been so praised.


Honestly, the academics were disappointing. They might be better than at most schools, but if had to do it over again I'd save my money and go to a public school.


Great Lake View, Great School Color, Great B-School, Great Location (except for Winter...)


Northwestern is a great school. There's no getting around this elemental truth. Before I transferred here (from a small East cost liberal arts college), my smallest class had been somewhere around 10 people. At NU, I have had at least one class every term with less students than that. The professors are available and more than willing to encourage and stoke intellectual curiosity, but will not come to the student. If you go to their office hours, do the readings and ask intelligent questions, their and excitement are obvious. Especially given the experiences I had during my freshman year, I have to say one of NU's biggest advantages is it's monster endowment: almost 8 billion dollars. Freshmen rarely think about this number when applying to colleges (I know I didn't when I was a freshmen), but the difference a healthy endowment makes to a student's life is immeasurable. NU can afford, and pays for, student theater, countless clubs, lectures, etc. There are things going on EVERY night here, so many that you literally cannot hope to attend all of them. The campus energy accompanying such activity is infectious as well. Whether it is going out to a bar with your friends, into Chicago to do one of a million things, or just hanging out in an apartment watching a movie, this school is alive in a way I could not say of my old school or any that I visited. The other major draw for me is Evanston, the 'dining capital of the North Shore', where you can get tons of (good) food for cheap and tons of (really good) food while still keeping a student's budget. Another great advantage is having a large endowment is the opportunity for supported research. NU has given me more than $7,000 over two summers to study topics relating to my senior thesis. This is an rare honor for an undergraduate at most schools. The academics, student activity level, and college town all make NU to be almost perfect. I could write more on all of these things, but this is a fitting introduction. By far, the worst thing about this school is the cold. The winters here will wear you down to a nub, make your skin ghostly pale, sicken you with colds and the flu, and depress you. Some of my best memories, conversely, have been of long walks on the lake in the biting winter cold, where I'm the only pedestrian stupid enough to be walking. Keep warm with trips to the coffee shops in town (we have 8+: Kafein, Mudd, Unicorn, Mozart's, Starbucks, Ambrosia, Kim's Kitchen, Peet's, and a few more I can't think of. Actually, writing all those out makes me realize how crazy it is to have so many. Then again, when the -10 degree wind renders all your winter clothes utterly useless, you'll appreciate it). So, if you hate the winter, don't come here! Seriously! It will make you sad.


Evanston is very cute, but goes to sleep pretty early. Being close to Chicago is AWESOME. I wish there were more places on campus to study late at night. Everything closes so early including the University Library (except during reading and finals weeks). Administration runs NU like a business and cares nothing about the students. I LOVE that NU has so many student organizations to offer. Whatever you are interested in, you can find a corresponding group on campus--if not, you can fairly easily create one! There isn't a terribly great amount of school pride :(


I always say Northwestern is worth every penny...which means A LOT because it is so damn expensive! One thing I would change is put a little better food on North Campus...South Campus is blessed with better dining. Northwestern has EVERYTHING: easy big city (Chicago) access, big ten sports, smart people, fun social life, beautiful campus, evanston has excellent food, great reputation.