Northwood University-Texas Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Half way through my first year in college I sit back and wonder what things could be if I had the knowledge I have now when I was in high school. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to listen to my parents and start searching for school and money a lot sooner. I would tell myself to take every chance you get to apply for scholarships and study. Many kids had a lot of time in school to search for scholarships and I really didn?t know where to look and was embarrassed. This made me not want to ask anyone for help. I would tell myself to go to the counselor?s office every chance you get to ass for advice because they are resources put here for our disposal. I would show myself the importance of school and starting early searching for scholarships.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time to my senior year, I would tell myself it will be tuff within the next year. Specifically financial needs. I would tell myself to save every penny for college because I will struggle to make ends meet. Giving up would never be an option and I would fight to achieve the best that I could be. I would tell myself to pray and trust in god to help get me through all the ruff times I would face in the near future. Not everything will be handed to me. I would have to grow up and figure things out for myself to become independent.


I would definitely tell myself the importance of building relationships with your professors. Until you start applying to graduate schools or thinking about applying, you don't realize how important those relationships are. I wish I had stronger relationships with many of my prfessors, not only for better letters of reccomendation but also for better mentoring on what paths to follow and what school programs to look at. A second piece of advice I would give myself would be to get involved in research sooner. I'm a research assistant for two different research studies and I wish I had started at least sophomore year. It helps you understand the research better as well as making you feel more involved in what type of research data is actually being collected at your school. The research is interesting and actually fun to be a part of.


I would tell myself to go straight into the university as opposed to starting at a community college because transfering is so difficult. I would also tell myself to learn to read ahead of time because in the university you must be able to be prepared for class. Reading and taking notes is a great part of being prepared for class.


Go to Northwood, it has what you need to be who you want to be.


Make sure that you will be comfortable at the school after visiting it.


Visit more then one college and make sure to talk to professors that are in the major you plan on being in. Get to know the professors very well to know if they will be the right fit for the teaching style you learn the best with.


Make sure you go to class, and you will do just fine.


To any student in the process of choosing the right college, make sure that you choose a field of study that you truly enjoy and want to learn much more about. Don't go somewhere soley becuase of its credibility, or because of pressure from other people. Being in an environment where are you comfortableand happy is one of the biggest factors in your success during the following 4 years.