Northwood University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates at Northwood University were diverse in nature and valued their educational experience.


Diverse, driven, and focused on an ultimate goal.


My classmates inherently possessed the character, skills, and drive to be competitive leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs in our ever-changing global economy.


My classmates are all very determined and bright students. At Northwood Unviersity, we all strive to do our best work and we help other students do the same. Success is something we're very keen on and we want everyone to succeed, not just ourselves. My classmates and I are also very involved on and off of campus. Each student is involved in at least one organization, but usually many more, too. Basically, we want to get the best experience from college & we know that we can do this by being involved and using networking techniques!


Wide variety of backgrounds, all willing to learn and be the best they can be for the workplace after graduation


friendly to your face.


The classmates I am around are very focused on their studies and strive to get the most out of their courses as is possible, myself included.


Thery are all really fun and outgoing. There's only 25 kids tops in all of my classes so that's really nice, the teachers joke around a lot but also make it easier to learn.


My classmates are fun and dedicated to learning about their field of study so that they may achieve success upon graduating.


Most of my classmates come from wealthy families and many are lazy.


Committed to their education.

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