Northwood University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I brag to my friends about my school I tend to brag about my professors and staff on campus. I always elaborate on how the professors actually engage with their students, they don’t just lecture but they’re also mindful and considerate of student barriers and difficulties within and out of the classrooms.


I love northwood, the enviornment here is great. It is very quiet and the people are nice. My classes are wonderful, I'm very focused in all my classes because there are small classrooms. The food here is to die for, i can never starve here.


You take business classes your first semester.


Smaller classes, easier to meet people and got together for projects. Alot of the same people are in the same classes as me so we can talk about more than one class at a time. We are also smaller so we can bond with more students and we have a close campus with lots of activity options.


I brag the most about the scenery and the environment that Northwood University is surronded by. Its beautiful at Northwood. The other bragging point is the people. Everyone is very friendly and courteous to most.


Job Placement and Location


How the classes are geared for my career and im not stuck in alot of boring classes.


How everyone on campus is like family; including the students, professors, faculty, etc. Everyone knows everyone and everyone gets along. I also brag about how it's one of the top business colleges in the world.


Study abroad, financial aid, community and campus involvement, dual majors, and excellent professors.


Our Auto show, becuase it is the largest outdoor one in North America

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