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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and give myself advice as a senior I would advise myself to apply to as many scholarships as possible because college is expensive and as far as expenses you have more to worry about than making sure your tuition is covered. You need money for unexpected emergencies, housing, and personals. For a student like myself I can use all of the extra resources for funding my education. Knowing that both of my parents are deceased I would advise myself to take full advantage of information for scholarships and grants that was given back in high school.


Taking into consideration what I know about college life and making the transition, I would tell my high school senior self to not lose sight of your dreams but to make time-management a huge priority. Working three jobs on top of going to school full-time wasn't how I was expecting to spend my free time in college. Juggling homework, study groups, tutoring, work and classes takes time, effort and discipline. I would tell my high school senior self to be prepared for a heavy workload that may seem unmanageable at times, but to keep working hard in college and to never stop learning because in the end it'll all be worth it.


Everyone in college has started as a freshman. They also did not know where things were. It is okay to ask for people if you do not understand what the professor is talking about in class . Guaranted you are not the only person that does not understand what is going on. Everyone has their own opinion in life. It is okay if someone's opinion is not like yours. Just like in high school their is going to be people in life that you do not like but you need to be able to tolerate them . Even though they are more people in the class and more distractions just focus on what the professor is talking about . As longs as you focus on your homework and what the professor is talking about you will sucessed in college.


Never give up on anything you do, each day strive to do better than what you did yesterday. Everyday is a new start and a totally different day. Stay focused on your school work, and everything else will fall into place on it's on. You will make friends but choose them wisely, don't trust everyone. Don't ever let someone take your dreams and goals away from you, at the end of the day your stuck with you, so choose whatever's best for you. There will be lots of tempations that you aren't use to coming across when you get to college but don't let the crowd get to your head, like you have to do something or your missing out if you don't participate. Stand up for what you believe in and let people know you have standards that way tempations will come across you less or when it does you know exactly how to handle it.


I would advise myself to not wait to go to school. Enroll right after high school and make the most of a full college experience. There is plenty of time to work and start a family and it's much easier to do both after investing in a higher education. Trying to balance a family, work and excel at classwork is very difficult. While work experience is important and beneficial, it is much easier with an education behind you. More and more jobs require a college degree and even if you are fortunate enough to get a decent job without a degree, advancing and furthering yourself in the professional world is virtually impossible without a degree. It is much easier to lead your family by what you have done instead of what you would like to have done. Role model the importance of being focused and dedicated to furthering your education.


It has been two years since my first day of senior year but it feels like it was just yesterday. I drove to school and walked on to campus with a mixture of emotions. I knew this would be my las year in High School and I wanted it to last forever, but I was alos ready to start the next chapter of my life. If I were to be able to talk to myself as a senior I would say but few words : " Enjoy the present and prepare for the future". I would tell myself to begin getting ready for the future that lie ahead for me, and that once you graduate things would change forever so enjoy the last year you have as a kid. Once you graduate from High School you have new responsibilites thrown at your door and as an adult you have to open that door and let them in. If you start preparing yourself while you are in High school you will be able to start the next chapter of your life with a strong foundation that will last you a life time.


I would tell myself that "All work with no play is an equation for disaster!" In order to receive the full college experience you must learn to balance studies and social activities with life itself. It is imperative to understand the true meaning of time management in ALL aspects of a college student's life. There should be time set aside for food and nutrition, health and hygiene, study and class preparation, cultural awareness and engaging in social activities outside the classroom. Failure to recognize the ENTIRE college experience for what it's worth will only lead to stress, homesickness and financial strain. It is great to be a studious individual, one who is motivated to succeed and keeps their academics as a top priority; however, every student should have an opportunity to put their books back on the shelf, get out of the dorm and just enjoy themselves! In the words of the late Michael Jackson, “Get me out into the nighttime, four walls won't me tonight...if this town is just an apple, then let me take a bite....if they say why, tell them that its human nature."


Have no fears. I tend to be more reserved and quiet at first. Coming into college again, I would instead jump into the pool with both feet and try to be more involved in a wider variety of organizations on campus. Especially since I go to a business school, networking is vital, and the only way to do that is to create connections. Being involved makes you feel good about yourself and shows your hardwork and dedication to your peers and the faculty.


I think that getting a college education is great value today. I'm so glad that I chose Northwood University because I'm able to thrive in degree that I want, and the smaller enivroment works a lot better for me. With my college experience so fa I've join many groups at mt school and have met a lot of great people through those groups and clubs. I get the experience that I want at Northwood University because they have so many opportunities for me in my degree. I hope that one day I have a successful career and I know that Northwood University has and will give me the tools to succeed in whatever I do the future.


It has been valuable to attend college because I already had an idea and wanted to take it to the next level. I did not have a chance to pursue my dreams of business in high school. Northwood University helps the business that I run to grow and thrive. I am able to connect with real experts in the business world and even find helpful resources for when I graduate. The college experience at Northwood has allowed me to connect with business partners, friends and professors who will help me to succeed for years to come. I cannot pass up the experience of being able to connect with people who are professionals on a daily basis and are able to share the real experiences that make a difference in the world today. Northwood also allowed me to start in business core classes from day one, an experience that I had nowhere else!


I have learned so much about the business world in general since attending Northwood. I already hear myself and friends talking about things from the Wall Street Journal and advanced business theorys and explinations and we are only freshman. I think Northwood is the best school around if you want to study business because going to a primarly business school garantees that you will be surrounded by others like yourself all the time.


Between working full-time, spending time with my wife and kids, and going to college, the last couple years since I've graduated highschool have been very hectic. My college experience so far has been very rewarding. It has given me a lot of insight into computer systems and how they function. I still have much to learn about computers and always will, which is one of my favorite aspects of technology. It is always changing and evolving. My education has taught me the value of education as it concerns my ability to provide a better future for my daughter and son. I would like for them be able to pursue any career of their choice without having the face the challenges that my wife and I have.


Honestly it all has been a learn experience. But am truly glad that I have decide to attend school. Without the help of the school I think that I may not even be the situation am in with them. The have put me a position to better myself and do more for my family. It has lay a future for me and given me the educate and skill to pursue my dreams and degree. The school have just given me a chance to learn and just work in a better than I would ever thought bout.


When I was in my search for schools I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for in a school. The only direction I had was an interest in Economics and Finance. Northwood's advantage was that it had a unique triple major; Economics, Banking & Finance, and Business Management. This allowed me to sample and try out a little of each. Since then I have been finding myself academically, which I have found to be very easy to do here at Northwood University. I have learned more about myself than ever before. I have made relationships with both students and faculty that I will never forget and plan to keep in touch going into the future. I have since narrowed down my major to Economics and plan to move forward to graduate school after I obtain my undergraduate degree. When I first started school, I never thought this was possible. In short, Northwood offered me a variety of specialties and areas of interest. This allowed me to find myself rather than jump in and hope that whatever I started was for me. I'm not sure I would have been able to achieve that at any other school.


While attending high school, I did not take the time to consider the dynamics of life. If I could have predicted that I would be an unemployed, single mother of a special-needs child at the age of 48, I would have transitioned into college life with a more defined purpose. My advise to any high school student who is considering transitioning into college life is to select a major by assessing your skills and passion; seek a professional in your field of study for a healthy mentorship; and network with fellow students and professionals in your field of study through membership in professional organizations for peer consulation. And remember that the pursuit of a higher education can be physically and emotionally taxing; therefore, practice self-care. Reflecting on the words of Joel Osteen, the stumbling stones in life can become stepping stones. Encourage this by pursuing a higher education with a defined purpose.


Ever since I was a little girl, college has been a dream of mine. I've dreamed of the wonderful experience and education I would get while being there. I imagined all the new people I would meet who would open my eyes to things I had never been through before. And in retrospect, it's a lot like that. But it's also so much more and I'm not sure I realized this back in high school. College is a whole new chapter in your book of life. Not only are you learning educational subjects, but you're learning about yourself. You learn what you can handle and what takes a toll on you. You learn that everything isn't black and can be quite complicated. You learn to make decisions that will help you in the long run, rather than just short term. Transitioning from living at home to on campus is a huge process, but I would tell myself to stay calm and positive because I would be just fine! Learning about yourself is a wonderful thing and I would tell my "high school self" to embrace the learning experience with open arms.


Have good time management and completely the tasks that college have for you. Being goal orientated keep you motivated, determine, and focus. To be open to networking, stay true to yourself, and always stay positive.


My advice would be to go away for school and be in a dorm because you meet more people and also get to experience life without your parents. As well I would suggest not taking off the frist summer and attending a community college to get some college courses out of the way. Also I would suggest looking into scholarships before the end of my senior year and talking to teh college I will be attending sooner the a month before freshman year started. Last I would tell myself to apply for financial aid before the deadline.


If I were to go back and be able to talk to myself, I would have told myself to fill out even more scholarship applications. I would have tried to focus on my school work more to get a better scholarship for school. Also, I would have tried to find out more ways to get better scholarships for the accelerated and advanced classes that I had taken. I also did a good share of volunteering and it really did not mean a whole lot once school was done. I was volunteen of the month one year for Midland County and I thought recognition like that would have been worth something to someone. Also, everything that teachers said were important to people in college really weren't and I wish I would have told myself that I should focus on what I was good at not what everyone else told me to be good at.


There is so much that you can get involved in. A lot of opportunities come and take every one of them. You may be really busy, but for the price you are paying for education, you cannot afford not to. The more you participate the more you will learn. Even though you are going to need a job to be able to pay for everything, do not let it stop you from participating in as much as you can. You are one of those kids that is a cut above the rest and can handle it. Time management will be your biggest obstacle.


You need to make sure that the schools you look at have the major that you are interested in being involved in. The right college will be comfortable right from the first visit to the last day of graduation. You will enjoy the people on the first visit and they will enjoy being with you as well. The right college should have generous faculty to help you, as the student, with anything. The teachers should really want you to succeed in life and push you to be your best. To get the most out of your college experience you need to step out of your box and make lots of friends. You should try to get involved with all the clubs and organizations that you are interested. Make sure those extra cirricular activities don't hinder you from achieving excellent grades.


Dont close any doors and get involved


Visit as many colleges as you can.


Make sure that you not only pick it for your career but take the time to go out and visit the college. You need to make sure the school adn town fits what it is that you need or can handle. Parents also have to let go and students need to take that big step into adulthood with an open mind. Enjoy college you only get 4 years of it for fun before it seems like a hard task. Enjoy it now and the friends you make and may loose. The expierence you learn from.


If you know what you want to major in do some research on what schools have the best degree program for your selected major.


My advice to parents and students about finding the right college is to visit many schools and get a feel for each campus. Find a campus that fits how you envisioned your college being. To make the most of your college experience, go out and be active. Involve yourself in as many activities and groups as possible, to see what all is out there and experience everything you can.


I would suggest to start visiting college campuses as soon as possible so your son/daughter can see the diversity among the universities. For students to make the most of their experience, I would say participate and always stay actively involved no matter how exhausting it gets because not only will it reward you in the end, but the memories you make will last for a lifetime!


My junior year of high school I did a tour of colleges during spring break. I visited all the 'types' of colleges (commuter, public, private, christian, ect). From there I decided what type of colleges I liked and applied to the ones that did well in the field I wanted to attend. To make the most out of my college experience, just stay involved and don't limit yourself to one group of friends. Also get to know your Professors and Deans.


If you have financial issues please do not limit yourself from out-of-state schools because of that reason. I felt that I had to stay within my state in order to get lower tuition prices and merit awards from my state, but there are many scholarships out there that you can apply for and I believe you can make it work if you really want to go to a particular school. Don't let money be your obsticle for not attending the extremely awesome school that is perfect for you and your goals. For me, Northwood fit what my career goals are while being in my state. I have recently discovered some new passions of mine that I want to explore so I plan on getting a degree in that as well, but Northwood doesn't offer that major. I found a school that happened to be out of state and I have fallen in love with it and it works with my needs. It doesn't cost more for non-resident students and I can take online coarses, which are well developed, while finishing my Northwood degree and then move to their campus to finish out the other.


Choosing a college is very important. Get very involved in high school, playing sports, community work, volunteer work get involved in DECA. It does pay off. Be very active in high school, take your grades and classes seriously work hard. Prepare for your SAT and ACT. Because it does matter. Your grades, your high school activity determines if a college would want you to represent them as a student. Colleges just don't want anyone they want the best. It is helpful to have a idea of what you want to study. And choose wisely. This will be your career. Make sure it is a major you feel you can handle as a career. For example there are many student who I know who just like accounting as a hobby but not as a career. Make sure the college is the right location for you , it has the best programs, your major of interest, make sure it is the right size you want ( do you want small classes with 20-30 students or would you prefer 300-500 students). Make sure it afforable, college can get expensive. Be yourself always. Don't let someone influence you. Stay positive! Stay focused!


Don't worry about the money. Pay attention to the type of education being recieved from the college and the benefits of the career you will be able to pursue.


The advice that I would give both students and parents about finding the right college is to make sure that they take advantage of every school visit that they can. Once you can see the atmosphere of the college and talk with the faculity, you get a better persepctive if it is somewhere you want to go or not. Make sure you speak with advisors never feel bad for asking too many questions, the more the better, its your choice! The college experience is supposed to be a fun, learning and growing experience, but you have to remember that it is also the base for your future. You are building your educational background while in college, so you should always do your best. Besides, why would anyone want to be in college for longer than they should? Who doesn't want to get their dream job, settle down, and buy that nice car you've always wanted and be able to actually enjoy it because you know you dedicated yourself to your college education and your hard work has paid off!


When looking into the right college, look into yoursef first. Decide what you want more than anything in a school. If partying is your top priority than go to a party school, but employers will know that is what you did when you go in for your interviews. Try narrowing down what you want to do in life to possibly go into a specialized school like I did in Northwood University. Northwood is a business school and doesnt waste students time in meaningless pre-req's. Always go with your heart when looking for a school and find what school works for you. College is supposed to be fun and enjoyable and you can have fun without all the partying with drugs and alcohol, and end up with a great experience and great education.


Make sure you visit and learn about career placement. As a degree is great but at the end of the day it's a piece of paper, you have to get the job!


Search and apply everywhere. talk to current and former students if possible. the college experience is what you make of it.


Get involved!


Be sure to choose a school that follows values closest to those in which you have instilled in your children and you beleive that your children will want to follow for the rest of their lives. Otherwise, your student will have a lot of trouble finding what type of style he is really in agreement with, rather than focusing on studies, and the true adjustment to the adult world.




Make sure you tour your campus more then once and that you like the campus for more then just the majors it offers or the name is has.


Parents, tell your children this: First, do not make your decision solely on the fact that your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend is going there. Make sure that your child wants to go there, because many times a relationship will be broken up in college, and after that year you child will not want to attend that college if his/her decision to go there was based on that relationship. The time and money spent on that college could be wasted. Second, make your child really think about what he/she really wants to do and what his/her passion is. If they make their decision based on the amount of money they will make in a career after college and not what makes them happy, they could very well not enjoy or even hate what they do. Make sure their decision is not based on a salary after college. Third, tell you child to get involved. The college experience is so much more fun when you participate and get involved. You really feel like you are accomplishing something more than just homework. You make more friends and can even have a positive impact on the lives of others.


Looking for the right college is one of the biggest, most important time in a young person's life. It is important to find a college that is the right fit for each individual. Students should visit these schools why they are in the application process to get a feel for the envrionment and the student lifestyle. Parents can be supportive by talking with their children about picking the right college and providing some of their own life experiences as well. Of course looking at the academic program is important, but you also need to get a feel for how the students and professors act as a whole. Even if you don't know what you want for a career as of now, this is also a great time to explore by meeting with professors and other students. The connections you make will last forever. Faculty and professors are there to help you, take advantage of that.


My first reccomendation for selecting the right college is do your homework! For example, when i choose to attend Northwood University i was told that my program of choice was something that it was not. They made it sound really great in their marketing ploy and my search ended abruptly after visiting two colleges. Don't believe everything they tell you talk to students and visit without a strategically selected guide. Now that i'm a almost done with school i am very dissapointed in my program and my college experiance as a whole. There is a longtime running joke at Northwood with its students they call it "Alcatraz". One they've got you, there's no escape. Because they are a private university with terms instead of semesters none of credits will transfer to any other school. This is something else that i would reccomend taking into account when choosing a school. Make sure that you can transfer if you need to. Last but not least visit a lot of schools and check out your options don't settle after visiting a few you won't know what you're missing untill its too late.


Find a school that provides what you are looking for, there will be one that just feels right.


I would suggest that students take the time to research and visit a number of colleges before making a final decision. It is wise to choose a school that has a strong curriculum in many areas rather than few, because many college students change their mind on what they wish to pursue. As far as making the most of the college experience, it is wise not to forget that you are there to get an education, not simply to socialize. In the long run, it is in the students best interest to put their course work ahead to everything else because successfully completing your education is crucial in today's job market.


Have an idea of what you want to do, and then find the school that can give you the best program.


visit the campus, meet instructors




The first thing I would suggest is to go visit the colleges or universities that you are considering. Once you do that you will know which one you belong at. It will feel like home and you will not feel out of place. The next thing to look at is the opportunties that you have at each one. One may give you more money than the other, or simply just offer a better education. No matter what you want to make sure there will be no regrets once you decide where you want to go. Once you are at college be sure to stay focused but remember to have fun at the same time. Don't get too caught up in the party crowd because you're not paying to party, you're paying for an education.


Make sure you look at every school very carefully. If you get somewhere you don't like, and start taking classes, they my not transfer so easily if you decide that that school isn't the right one for you.


Make sure you chose the right school. Think about what you want to get out of your education

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